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Where to order a tow truck?

Where to order a tow truck?

Owning your own car, you need to understand that a car is not only a means of transport opportunities, independence, pleasure and freedom of movement, but also responsibility towards yourself and your loved ones, your cars and other road users.

The point is that you, as an attentive driver, need to adhere to the rules of the road yourself, as well as monitor the condition of your car so as not to provoke an accident or other unpleasant and dangerous incidents on the road. Regular maintenance will give you confidence that your car is in good working order and will not get up in the middle of the road at the most inopportune moment. However, even if you are the most experienced and responsible driver, someone else may be the initiator of the traffic accident.

Important: if you can independently remove a car from the roadway, do it immediately in order to ensure safety for other participants in the traffic flow and not provoke a traffic jam.

If your car is out of order and you cannot drive it away on your own, call a tow truck. Advantageously and inexpensively ordering the "Tow truck" service can be placed in the SHARK Taxi service.

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In what situations might you need a tow truck?

As we have already indicated above, the main specificity of the "Tow Truck" service is the emergency evacuation of you and your vehicle to a safe place of stay. However, this is not the only application of this technique that can be implemented.

Quite often, a tow truck is used to transport specialized small and large equipment. In this case, calling a tow truck and transporting the equipment will be a much more rational and profitable solution than trying to carry out the transportation yourself or order the services of logistics companies.

What needs to be done for the driver who orders a tow truck:

  • Provide the most detailed information about the make and model of the vehicle.
  • Explain the degree of damage to the car, the severity of the breakdown.
  • Describe the location of the incident, determine how close the tow truck can get, and report it to the service.

The cost of the "Tow truck" service

The minimum order price for the "Tow truck" service in SHARK Taxi is 400 UAH. Further, the price will vary depending on various factors, namely:

  • cities where the service is provided;
  • the distance between the declared point of the incident and the final destination of transportation;
  • the area where it is necessary to submit the evacuation equipment;
  • the time for which it is necessary to carry out the transportation;
  • type, model, dimensions and weight of the vehicle to be transported, etc.

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Why should you trust us?

The SHARK Taxi service provides the "Tow truck" service in many cities of Ukraine. The peculiarities of our service are the promptness of the delivery of a tow truck, which is highly consistent with the characteristics of your vehicle (car, motorcycle, bus, truck, etc.) and high-quality highly qualified service.

We will provide you with:

  • quick and professional determination of the required type of tow truck;
  • emergency assistance in a traffic accident;
  • responsible and attentive transportation of your vehicle;
  • a guarantee of safety for you and your car / motorcycle.

Drive carefully, be vigilant and keep the SHARK Taxi service contacts at hand!

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