Application for ordering a taxi

The mobile application of the taxi Shark allows you to order a car at any time of the day in just a few touches.

Order a long-distance taxi from the Dnieper

Services of taxi services that provide the possibility of long-distance transfer have always been in demand in all major industrial cities of Ukraine — and the Dnieper is no exception.

Moreover: recently the popularity of this service is steadily growing.

Part of this is due to the fact that, due to competition, companies are forced to improve the quality of service, while making tariffs more inexpensive. Partly — due to the fact that in recent years the business life of the country has become more saturated.

However, unfortunately, overwhelmingly most of the services still do not understand that customers primarily need comfort, and in all aspects, including the process of ordering cars.

Therefore, too often, just like in the last century, we are forced to look for the right phone number and dial the busy line to the dispatcher, who will torment us for another half an hour with stupid questions and asking for obvious things. And then it will be tedious to wait a long time, when the evoked transport will finally arrive …

Fortunately, some services still keep pace with the times. And the best example of such a service is Shark Taxi.

Shark: an instant taxi call around the clock

Everyone who has ever applied to Shark, will confirm how much this company differs from everything that you could use before.

And it’s not even about the maximum loyalty or really high quality of service. The main advantage of Shark is that you only need a mobile phone, a branded application and a few seconds of your time to place an order.

Just touch the icon — and before you will appear a map of the Dnieper, where your location will already be marked with a marker. It only remains to enter the desired address (in any city of Ukraine) — and the screen will display the best route, as well as the exact cost of the trip.

If you want to change the class of cars in order to take advantage of the most inexpensive tariff or call luxury transport comfort or business class, one or two tapes are enough. A system of additional options will allow you to «ottyuningovat» order (for example, if you need a check at the end of the trip, extra space for luggage, the possibility of smoking in the cabin or something similar).

And remember: after you pressed the «confirm» button, you will not have to wait long. After all, Shark does not just work around the clock. Thanks to a special distribution algorithm, the average waiting time does not exceed 5-7 minutes.

We also thought about those who might not have a smartphone at hand (or they are not too convenient to use).

For them, there is a special form on the Shark Taxi website that allows you to call the car in a few clicks and has the same amazing functionality as our application.

Therefore, if you want to order a taxi for an intercity transfer from the Dnieper to any other city of Ukraine, do not waste time and effort for nothing. Just use the services of Shark!

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