Application for ordering a taxi

The mobile application of the taxi Shark allows you to order a car at any time of the day in just a few touches.

Order a long-distance taxi from Melitopol

The incredibly fast pace of modern life dictates its rules. And even in such a small city as Melitopol there are almost no residents who would never use a taxi for long-distance transfer in Ukraine.

And if you consider that in just a couple of years the prices for these services have become quite inexpensive, and many services have switched to a 24-hour mode of operation, the growing popularity of this method of traveling is more than understandable.

However, in addition to the available tariffs and the possibility to call a car in the early morning and late at night, the modern consumer also needs convenience.

Frankly, you are also annoyed by the whole process: the search for the required phone number, dialing up to the ever-busy operator (or, alternatively, waiting, when the company will call you back), long explanations to the dispatcher asking the obvious things …

Now you can forget about this boring, annoying procedure. After all, in Melitopol there is a service that allows not only to make an intercity trip at a low cost, but also to order a car in just a couple of seconds.

Shark: instant order, round-the-clock work, chic prices

To make sure how much Shark’s service is more convenient than other services that you used to call a taxi, simply download the branded mobile application.

Click on the program icon — and just a moment before you will see an interactive map with a dot on it indicating your location.

Now enter the address of the place where you want to go (street and house number) — and leave the rest to the system. The calculation of the shortest route is made automatically, after which the bottom of the screen you can see the cost of the future trip.

Want to change the class of the car to ride at the cheapest rate or are willing to pay a little more for the most comfortable car? Or maybe you need any additional options — for example, a child’s armchair, a check at the end of the trip or an extra place for luggage? The choice of any of the above services (and not only them) is done by several tapes on the screen of your phone.

It remains only to press the button «confirm» — and consider that the taxi is already approaching. After all, thanks to a special smart order distribution system, our cars come extremely quickly.

Naturally, we also thought about those customers who, due to circumstances, can not use their smartphone at the moment. For them on our site is a convenient online form, which has the same functionality as the application. So to choose with it the ideal car for the transfer will be just as quickly and simply.

So if you are planning a long-distance trip from Melitopol to another city in Ukraine — enough to go over the options in search of the ideal taxi service: you already found it! Use the services of Shark, and let your journey bring you only positive emotions!

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