Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

Shark taxi in Chernivtsi: an instant call, affordable fares

Shark taxi in Chernivtsi: an instant call, affordable fares
Fast and convenient

Ordering taxi in a few clicks via mobile apps. Real-time traffic map displays taxi movements.

Many drivers

Our taxi service works throughout Ukraine, many cars and drivers with choosing trip options are at your service.

Mobile applications

Modern apps for iOS and Android platforms allow to order taxi in a handy way, at any time and anywhere.

Today in a modern developing city, such as Chernivtsi, without reliable and fast transport is indispensable. After all, it is becoming more difficult to keep up with the accelerating pace of life. That is why the popularity of services providing a transfer service is growing every year.

However, few companies are ready to provide a really high-level service for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, a modern convenient system for ordering a taxi, such as a mobile application or an online form on the site, can boast of a few.

Most services still have not come up with a way to call a car that would save customers from the painful procedure of finding a phone number, dialing to the dispatcher and waiting for the car, without the ability to see if it is going at all.

The problem of many firms is still the controller, who do not know the streets of their hometown and hamovatye drivers who allow themselves to swear at passengers or smoke in the cabin.

But most of all, this is not irritating, and the impossibility will get through to some firms that do not work around the clock, and, of course, overestimate the value of those who provide services both during the day and at night.

Fortunately, in Chernivtsi there is a taxi service, really caring about the customers and deprived of all the above disadvantages.

Shark taxi: round-the-clock work, reasonable cost, professional drivers

If you need to quickly and inexpensively reach anywhere in the city or you need an international transfer — welcome to Shark taxi.

With us you can forget about the tedious search for a phone number or explanations with dull dispatchers. All you need to order a car from us is a smartphone and a branded mobile application installed on it.

It is enough to tap on the program icon — and before you will open an interactive map of Chernivtsi, with a marker indicating your location. Now enter the endpoint address of the trip — and the system will calculate the most optimal route, and the exact price will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Want to change the class of the car to ride at a cheaper rate or vice versa — are willing to pay a little more and drive with genuine luxury? This is done for a couple of moments.

Do you need to take a small child on a trip, get a receipt at the end of the trip or have the opportunity to smoke during the transfer? The menu of additional options is at your service.

Have you noted everything you need? Now click on the «Confirm» button — and can prepare for the exit: thanks to the smart system of Shark taxi order distribution, they always come very quickly. And the main thing: you can use our services whenever you like, because we work around the clock.

And if for some reason you are uncomfortable using the phone to call a car, it does not matter: it’s enough to visit our official website and fill out an online form that is not inferior to the application functionality.

Are you still looking for the perfect taxi service in Chernivtsi? Do not waste time in vain: contact Shark. With us you are always waiting for loyal prices, professional drivers and fast car delivery.

Whence Where Cost km
Central Bus Station, st. Home, 219 Hotel Kiev, st. Home, 46 35 3.1
Railway Station, st. Gagarin, 6/2 Shevchenko Park, st. Garden, 1 38 3.9
Medical University, pl. Theatrical, 2 City Center shopping center, Parkovy passage, 2 43 5.2
TC Formmarket, st. Heavenly Hundreds, 19В City Council, pl. Central, 31/12 36 3.5
DK Sadgirsky, st. Ivan the Horseshoes, 3 School number 1, st. Eminescu, 1 58 9
Central area Chemical plant, st. Yaroslav the Wise, 35 47 6.1
REGISTRY OFFICE, ul. Olga Kobylyanskaya, 30/1 Restaurant Royal, st. Heroes of the Maidan, 21/2 30 2
Olympic Stadium, st. Magalanskaya, 19 Building Lyceum, st. Nikolaevskaya, 6/2 42 5
Court of Appeal, pl. Central, 8/1 GAI, st. Gagarin, 83 33 2.6
Furniture factory, st. Khotinskaya, 2 TC Prospekt, ave. Independence, 129 50 6.8
Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

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