Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

Order a taxi in Kherson

Order a taxi in Kherson
Fast and convenient

Ordering taxi in a few clicks via mobile apps. Real-time traffic map displays taxi movements.

Many drivers

Our taxi service works throughout Ukraine, many cars and drivers with choosing trip options are at your service.

Mobile applications

Modern apps for iOS and Android platforms allow to order taxi in a handy way, at any time and anywhere.

More recently, a taxi in Kherson was infrequently used service, which resorted to only in extreme cases: when the fast transport urgently needed. The vast majority of calls are made when running late there was no comparison to the tariffs and thought about not too high price.

Today the situation has changed dramatically: Healthy competition has made use of the services of transportation of passengers is quite an everyday occurrence.

However, even today, despite the fact that in our city there are dozens of such services to find one that would be able to satisfy the demanding customer at a truly affordable price, it is difficult.

Moreover, almost all companies prefer to work on the scheme frankly outdated. In order to call a taxi in Kherson, you have to first look for the phone number in his notebook, and then spend ten minutes to explain to the dispatcher where to apply the same car.

Fortunately, there are exceptions. And the most striking example — Shark Taxi.

Than Shark Taxi is different from the others?

Modern consumers have little knowledge, he can call a cab — and the rate of its suit. He wants real comfort: both in terms of ease of placing the order, and in terms of service levels.

That’s why Shark in his time come to grips with a new generation of service.

First, it was decided to get rid of such anachronisms as the telephone dispatcher. Said — done today to book a car in Kherson, user Shark enough to have a cell connected to the Internet, with installed proprietary applications on it.

Just turn it on — and the system will determine where you are. It remains only to enter a destination address (or touch the interactive map in the right place) — and the program will show the shortest route, and automatically calculates the exact price for a future trip.

It remains to choose a car class (as a Shark, you can choose the least expensive economy car, though the car VIP class) and click «Submit». And rest assured: the driver will soon be with you, because the average time of delivery cars is typically less than five minutes — even if you needed transport late at night.

At the same time, of course, we care not only about the availability of our tariffs. All our vehicles are in perfect condition, and drivers — the real pros of the business. So that the trip will be truly enjoyable.

Additional options and booking online

But what if you absolutely need to have been plenty of room for luggage in the car? Or are you planning a trip with a toddler, for which you will need a special seat?

With us it is — not a problem. Thanks to the advanced options, every customer can get perfectly with the needs of its current car.

And if you just can not use the smartphone (or you are not comfortable using a mobile), you can always call your car online, through our website. Just a couple of clicks — and the car is on the way to you.

So if you need a cheap taxi in Kherson, do not waste precious time and nerves: simply use the Shark Taxi services.

Direction Cost
Railway station, Railway station square, 3A — Bus station, Budenogo Str., 1 20 UAH
Railway station, Railway station square, 3A — Eldorado \ Nikolayevskoe highway, Nikolayevskoe shosse, 19 20 UAH
Bus station, Budenogo Str., 1 — SILPO supermarket \ Builders, Builders Ave, 27A 26 UAH
Iris hotel, Mayakovsky str., 32 — Cinema 3Д, Suvorov Str. 13A 20 UAH
Aero Express, Berislavskoe shosse, 13 — Cinema Ukraine, Ushakova Ave., 45 39 UAH
1 May hotel, Lenin str., 26 — Theater them. Mikoli Kulish, Theater Street., 7 20 UAH
12 Chairs — cafe, Zalaegerszeg str., 18 — Railway station, Railway station square, 3A 25 UAH
Club Bar Yaschik, Berislavskoe Highway, 1A — SILPO supermarket \ 49 Guards Division, 49 Guards Division st., 49 26 UAH
Polyclinic 1 of the Hospital named after Tropiny, Komarov Str., 2 — Versailles Hotel, Krymskaya St., 93 27 UAH
Comfort of hotels, Ostrovskoe shosse, 1 — Club of Seamen, Ushakova Ave., 25 35 UAH
Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

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