Application for ordering a taxi

The mobile application of the taxi Shark allows you to order a car at any time of the day in just a few touches.

Order a long-distance taxi from Yuzhny

More and more travelers in Ukraine prefer to make long-distance trips by taxi. And our city was no exception: the number of residents who prefer comfort and speed is steadily growing. But even with such a demand, ordering suitable transport in most cases is not so simple.

After all, you’ll first need to find the number of the company you need, get through (and if the applications are accepted around the clock, and the dispatcher will be able to get there the first time) and explain where and where you need to go. And then — to hope that the operator does not confuse the addresses and does not make a mistake with the cost.

However, now there is an excellent alternative to calls on the phone: you can use our application and in two seconds get in the car at the rates available to any citizen of Ukraine!

Shark Taxi application: auto in two seconds

There are several reasons why our customers from the South prefer to contact the Shark taxi service.

This is the optimal ratio of the quality of services provided and their cost, and always timely delivery of the car, and a modern way to call an inexpensive car for a transfer around the city and beyond.

It is enough to install the Shark Taxi application on your phone in order to arrange a trip in several steps without tiring calls to company numbers.

Starting the program, you will see a map of South, where your location will be marked with a special icon. It only remains to enter the destination address — and you will immediately receive all the necessary information: the long-distance trip route and its exact cost.

It is enough to confirm the application, and the data entered by you will immediately go to the driver, which very soon will be with you (thanks to a special distribution algorithm, the average waiting time does not exceed 7 minutes).

At the same time, the service is open around the clock, and you can call the machine at any time.

Inexpensive transfer and maximum comfort

Do you want to impress colleagues or acquaintances and order an executive class car? Or on the contrary, you want to save and ride at the cheapest fare for long distance trips? To select the desired option, just a couple of tapes.

And what about the additional options? For example, with you there will be children and for them special armchairs are necessary. Or you need a check for the mission report …

Do not worry: the Shark service application will allow you to select everything you need.

For those customers who are uncomfortable using the mobile application, there is another option for quick and trouble-free communication with the Shark taxi service. You can use the special form on our website. Thanks to an intuitive interface and rich functionality, everyone can call the car in a few clicks.

If you are still deciding which service to use to go from South to any city in Ukraine, you will have time to lose. Take advantage of taxi Shark — and get a quick and inexpensive transfer with a quality and truly comfortable service!

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