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Alla Yakimenko
Alla Yakimenko
Lviv, 12.09.2019

Such a convenient application! It always at hand.

Olga Semyonova
Olga Semyonova
Odessa, 04.07.2021

If I need to get somewhere quickly, and most importantly - safely and comfortably, I choose only Shark. I use it regularly, I'm happy with everything.

Svetlana Bachey
Svetlana Bachey
Dnipro, 07.05.2021

Insanely handy app! It only takes a couple of minutes to place an order, and a taxi arrives just as quickly.

Sergey Domanytsky
Ternopil, 23.12.2021

Taxi service is really fast, many useful services and opportunities, decent service.

Timofey Gerasimenko
Timofey Gerasimenko
Zaporizhzhia, 07.09.2021

Great service, never let down. I use it myself, and I recommend it to all my friends if there is a need to go somewhere.

Maria Ovchinnikova
Maria Ovchinnikova
Kryvyi Rih, 26.10.2021

I ordered a taxi "Pet" for a trip with a cat, the driver was very attentive, we felt comfortable and arrived relatively quickly. Thanks!

Ivan Nester
Dnipro, 08.02.2022

Consistently affordable and comfortable trips at the highest level of quality! I recommend SHARK Taxi!

Eugene Zaretsky
Eugene Zaretsky
Kharkiv, 02.11.2018

A very nice app! Looks beautiful and convenient to use.

Kira Brodatska
Kira Brodatska
Lviv, 28.12.2021

I really like that the "Pet" tariff has attentive drivers who take care not only of you, but also of the animal! I use the services of the service regularly!

Oksana Grachev
Oksana Grachev
Vinnytsia, 15.06.2017

I like how beautiful and simple this app is. There is not much to do. If you need to order a taxi, you just make several taps and wait till the car appears in front of your door.

Proposals for development service
Please describe in detail what you would like to improve in the SHARK taxi.
We will try to accommodate your opinions on further development of the service.

Shark Taxi: customer care and personal time

Today Shark Taxi app provides the user with one of the most user-friendly interface and extensive functionality, which can not fail to appreciate.

The reason is simple: we always think about, to the client it was really convenient.

Save your time

Instead of spending their time on the dial the operator and chat with them, you can order just a few seconds.

And with our geolocation data capture system, it will not be difficult to find you in a few minutes.

All this makes the taxi fast, easy and incredibly comfortable.

Live service for people living

Not always the human factor - it's something bad. As a program, and ordinary people can make mistakes or do not work.

That is why we are not trying to hide behind a corporate application interface. We - a live service, always ready to listen to you. Just call the number indicated, or write to email.

By the way, you can contact us through social networks. In our groups we publish every day interesting information that will interest you.