Application for ordering a taxi

The mobile application of the taxi Shark allows you to order a car at any time of the day in just a few touches.

Order a long-distance taxi from Borispol

Boryspil is the oldest city in the Kiev region where the largest international airport of Ukraine is located.

It is quite logical that there are always enough people willing to use the services of intercity taxis — and each year their number only increases. Naturally, the number of services ready to provide such services is also growing. And each company tries to do it as high as possible, offering its customers a 24-hour car order and very affordable tariffs.

But is it enough just to offer low-cost services to meet the modern consumer? Many services believe this way — and they are mistaken.

Now the main factors for choosing a particular company is not only the low cost of services, but also the quality of service in general. Here you and the professionalism of drivers, and the speed of the car, of course, the convenience of the process of ordering a car.

With the latter, most companies in Ukraine are not very well. After all, in order to make long-distance transfer, the client first has to search through the phone book in search of the desired number, spend a lot of time calling up the operator, and then spend as much nerves to explain where to place the ordered car.

Fortunately, there is a service that allows you to forget about the remnants of the past and start enjoying the simplicity and convenience of the modern approach: taxi Shark.

Shark: order a car in a few seconds

Why are more and more residents of our city turned to Shark? Of course, inexpensive tariffs, professional drivers, and excellent quality of service as a whole are good reasons for choosing this company.

But the main advantage of Shark taxi is that you can call the car for a transfer in just a couple of seconds. Just download a free mobile application.

Now just tap the program icon — and it will automatically determine where you are. And after you enter the address of the destination, the system will calculate the route and display the exact cost of the trip.

It remains only to touch the confirmation button — and your car will arrive maximum after 5-7 minutes.

And by the way, the service Shark works around the clock, without days off and breaks, so whenever you do not need a car for a transfer, you can be sure: you will be serviced as quickly as possible.

Perfect car for everyone

You need to issue a check with the specified tariff plan and kilometer, a baby seat or an extra place for luggage? Or do you want to change the class of the car? Just a couple of tapes on the screen of the smartphone — and the necessary options are marked.

And if you are currently uncomfortable to use your smartphone, you can always visit our site and call the car with a special form, the functionality is not inferior to our application.

Stop wasting time searching for the desired phone number, sacrificing your comfort and nerve cells, trying to explain where and where you need to travel.

If you want your trip from Boryspil to any other city of Ukraine to bring only positive emotions — use the services of Shark!

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