Application for ordering a taxi

The mobile application of the taxi Shark allows you to order a car at any time of the day in just a few touches.

Order a long-distance taxi from Belaya Tserkov

Today, to order intercity transfer from the White Church to any other city of Ukraine is not difficult. Companies offering such services around the clock and at an affordable cost a huge amount.

However, affordable tariffs — this is not all that is necessary for a modern man in the street. Unfortunately, most taxi services focus on this single factor — and are very mistaken.

In our time, to satisfy even the most undemanding customer, we must try very hard. After choosing which company to apply, it takes into account a lot of factors. This is the quality of the service in general, and the feedback of friends, and — naturally — the convenience and speed of the order.

And just the same with the latter, most companies are very sad. After all, if you needed to call a taxi, you’ll first have to find the phone number you need, then by long attempts you will reach the operator, then explain where to put the car, how many entrances you have in the house and how to get to you.

How wonderful that there is a way to avoid all these boring and annoying procedures.

Shark: call the car in a couple of seconds

Everyone who has contacted Shark at least once, will confirm that this company is favorably different from other services not only by the excellent quality of service and the inexpensive cost of services. Its main advantage is an innovative approach to calling a car, which can be implemented in a couple of seconds.

Now all you need to call a car for long-distance transfer is to download and run a free application from Shark.

Turn on the program — and she will determine where you are, marking the location with a special marker on the interactive map of the city. Now it remains to enter the address of the destination (in any locality of Ukraine) — and the system, calculating the shortest route, will display the exact cost of the future trip.

And if you want to change the class of the car to go for a cheaper economy-rate or vice versa, to make your trip super convenient, choosing a car comfort or business class, it’s easy and simple — just one tap.

It’s also easy to choose additional options: just touch the screen and mark everything you need: from having a child seat or an extra baggage space to issuing a check at the end of the trip.

Very comfortably!

And with all this you can be sure that the trip will be really inexpensive, and due to the fact that we work around the clock, the driver will drive for 6-7 minutes, even if you called the car late at night.

By the way, we took care of those who call a car from the smartphone is not very convenient (or it is not at hand right now). On our site there is a special form through which to call the car as easily as to do it, using our mobile application.

Therefore, if you want to make long-distance transfer from the White Church to any other city in our country, do not waste time in search of the required phone number. Just download the proprietary application from Shark Taxi — and enjoy the best trip in your life.

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