Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

Order a taxi in Yuzhnyj

Order a taxi in Yuzhnyj
Fast and convenient

Ordering taxi in a few clicks via mobile apps. Real-time traffic map displays taxi movements.

Many drivers

Our taxi service works throughout Ukraine, many cars and drivers with choosing trip options are at your service.

Mobile applications

Modern apps for iOS and Android platforms allow to order taxi in a handy way, at any time and anywhere.

Even in such a relatively small town as the South, anyone order a taxi at any time of the day can get a quick transport of a more or less reasonable price. After all services involved in passenger transport, dozens.

However, how to choose among all the really the best company? Because they do not differ from each other. Everywhere have to first search through the notebook mobile phone book to find the right number, and then a long time to explain to the dispatcher exactly where to apply the machine. And almost every such service will make you «a little» to wait before you finally can sit in the car caused.

At least it was until recently, while in our city did not start work Shark Taxi.

Taxi Shark: really reasonable price and convenient custom cars

The Shark is so different from other similar services? No, it is not only the most affordable rates and excellent quality of service.

Mainly, the company has gained immense popularity due to the truly innovative approach. In an effort to make the process of calling a taxi as simple and convenient for the customer, Shark guide to completely abandon the dispatcher services. Instead, all the work is done by branded mobile application.

It is enough to turn it on — and on an interactive map dot will appear indicating your current location. Now simply enter the destination address — and the system automatically calculates the optimal route, taking into account the congestion at this time of day. Also in the bottom of the screen will show the exact value of the future trip. It remains only to confirm the order — and you can assume that the machine is already sent to you. It will take only a few minutes — and the driver will inform you that it is already in place.
Yes: it really is so simple and fast.

Moreover: Shark gives the customer to pick up a really perfect match his current needs of the car. You want the most inexpensive option, or want a luxury car? Changing class cars produced in one touch screen. We need extra luggage space, especially a chair for a child or anything else? Convenient additional options allow you to get exactly what you need.

And with all this, the price of services combined with excellent quality service will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Shark Taxi Online: when the hand is not a mobile phone

Sometimes it happens that there is no possibility to use a smartphone (or simply inconvenient). However, they provided all the Shark. Due to the special form on the website, you can at any time of the day or night to cause the car online, just a few clicks.

Believe me, it is just as easy and convenient as it is to do with the application. And, of course, the price of the trip will be no different and a penny.

So if you are looking for a taxi service in the South, who really cares about the comfort of their clients choose Shark. Possibility of inexpensive ride through the city, ultra-fast supply of machines and custom cars at any time of the day for a couple of seconds: what could be better?

Direction Cost
Beach- Ellada hotel пл Победы 2 45 UAH
Mountains Hospital Khimikov st 1 -New postal Primorskaya ul 19-B 45 UAH
Orange Hotel Municipal Street 3A / 2- Little Red Riding Hood cafe Primorskaya ul 22 50 UAH
Northern Cemetery-Express cafe Khimikov st 15 325 UAH
Afrodita hairdresser Shevchenko st 5-Hunting house hotel Lenin prospectus 17-G 45 UAH
Polyclinic Builders ul 19- Kuyalnik factory Limannaya 166 365 UAH
Port South-Old House cafe Chemists street 12-A 160 UAH
School 2 Mira Avenue 18-Flamingo Cafe Mira Avenue 24/1 45 UAH
Silk Rain Beauty Salon Mira Avenue 19-Ephedra Center for Aesthetic Medicine Chemists Street 15 45 UAH
Gidroport, Aviators st., 8 -sp. Mira, 19 165 UAH
Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

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