Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

Taxi Shark Vinnitsa: 24-hour taxi service of the new generation

Taxi Shark Vinnitsa: 24-hour taxi service of the new generation
Fast and convenient

Ordering taxi in a few clicks via mobile apps. Real-time traffic map displays taxi movements.

Many drivers

Our taxi service works throughout Ukraine, many cars and drivers with choosing trip options are at your service.

Mobile applications

Modern apps for iOS and Android platforms allow to order taxi in a handy way, at any time and anywhere.

Today without reliable fast transport — anywhere. After all, with the pace of modern life, sometimes you have to literally burst, being in almost several places at the same time.

That is why the demand for taxi services in Vinnitsa is steadily growing year by year.

Fortunately, thanks to healthy competition, the prices for transfer services have significantly decreased, making the tariffs of such companies affordable for everyone. And the fact that most firms are ready to serve customers around the clock, ensures that you can order a car at any time of the day or night without problems.

But not everything is as rosy as we would like. Alas, most taxi services prefer to work in an old fashion, completely ignoring the innovations of technological progress and — as a consequence — bringing a lot of inconvenience to customers.

Judge for yourself: just to call a car, you must first find the right phone number in your mobile, and then spend up to five minutes per dial-up on the always busy line.

And after — it will be long and tedious to explain to the poorly knowing Vinnytsia operator, where exactly to submit the car and wait, when the slow driver finally gets to you …

Fortunately, there is also an alternative way to order convenient and fast transport: Shark taxi service.

Shark Taxi: application that allows you to order a car in 2 seconds

All you need to be able to order a round-the-clock transfer around the city and get a car in record time — your mobile phone with the ability to go online and installed on it a proprietary application from Shark.

Touch the icon — and the program will show an interactive map of the city where your location will be marked to within a meter. It only remains to enter the address of the destination — and it’s ready! You will see not only the shortest route of the future trip, but also the exact cost of the future transfer up to a penny.

And, if you want to travel as inexpensively as possible (or vice versa — you need transport of a representative class to meet an important guest), you can change the taxi class by one touch of the screen.

We also thought about those who need additional services like having a place for luggage, a child seat, the possibility of smoking in the cabin, issuing receipts at the end of the trip, etc. A convenient system of options allows everyone to call a car that fully meets its needs.

And be sure: the driver will arrive as soon as possible. After all, our order distribution system guarantees that it will take no more than 5-7 minutes to wait.

Not just the application: convenience for every customer

We understand very well that not everyone can be conveniently called by the mobile phone. Therefore, on our website you not only can familiarize yourself with the tariffs and make sure that the prices of Shark Taxi are more than available.

Here, with the help of a special interactive form, you can always order a taxi online in a few clicks.

And for those who prefer to communicate with dispatchers in person, we have a multi-channel line around the clock.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive taxi service that allows you to inexpensively call for reliable transport at any time of the day or night, choose the most convenient, affordable and reliable option: Shark Taxi.

Whence Where Cost km
Airport, s.Gavryshovka Hotel Cardinal, st. Magistratskaya, 76 86 13.1
Central Bus Station, 7/1, Kievskaya street Medical University, st. Pirogova, 24/2 37 3.7
Railway station, Heroiv Stalingrada sq., 1 City Council, ul.Sobornaya, 27/2 39 4.1
City Hospital No. 1, Khmelnitskoye Highway 96 Park of Peoples’ Friendship, 1A, St. Andrew’s Church, 33 2.7
GAI, 26Botanicheskaya St., Victory Square 45 5.7
Art Museum, st. Cathedral, 21 Central Market, ave. Kotsyubinsky, 12/1 30 1.9
Registry Office, Zamostyanskaya str., 26-A Restaurant Europe, st. Cathedral, 98 34 2.9
Zoo, ul.Sergeya Zulinsky, 8/1 Cinema Rodina, st. Nikolay Ovodov, 15/2 53 7.5
Dinamo Stadium, Bugsky Descent, 35 Center for Mother and Child, st. Mayakovsky, 138 31 2.1
Vostochny Bus Station, Vatutina St., 17/1 s. Vinnytsia Farms 52 6.4
Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

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