Application for ordering a taxi

The mobile application of the taxi Shark allows you to order a car at any time of the day in just a few touches.

Order a long-distance taxi from Nikolaev

If, just a couple of years ago, ordering a car for long-distance transfer from Nikolaev to another city of Ukraine was an unacceptable luxury for the majority of the inhabitants of our country, today the picture has changed dramatically.

The desire of companies to stay afloat with increasing competition forced many of them to work around the clock, providing inexpensive and fast transport to all comers.

As a consequence, affordable tariffs made it possible to make from expensive trips the usual thing available for literally every citizen of our country.

But, despite this, there are still enough problems when calling a taxi.

Order an auto: problems, problems, problems…

The majority of passenger transport services have not yet got rid of the most important irritant and time eater: dispatchers.

Just imagine: every time to call a car you need to rummage in the phone book or business card in search of the desired number. Then dial the operator to the eternally loaded lines. Then explain the poorly orienting in the native, it would seem, city dispatcher, where to submit cars and how to drive to your entrance. And so from time to time.

Fortunately, a taxi appeared in Mykolayiv, which makes it possible to call an inexpensive transport in just a few seconds.

Shark Taxi: fast, affordable, around the clock

Is the taxi Shark really so much ahead of other similar services in terms of convenience?

Naturally! And make sure of this is easy: just download and install on your smartphone a free branded application.

Tap the flipper icon — and the program will show an interactive map of the city, noting the place where you are a special marker. Now enter the address of the destination — and the system, calculating the shortest route, will display the exact cost of your future trip.

And if you want to drive at the most inexpensive rate (or feel the maximum convenience, choosing a car from the category of «business» or «comfort»), you can change the class of the car in one tap.

Moreover, the system of additional options will make your trip as convenient as possible. Do you need to carry a four-legged friend, is it necessary to have an additional place for luggage, a pre-installed baby seat, a car with a smoking salon or a check at the end of the trip — just mark the desired item.

When the choice is made, you just have to press the «confirm» button — and you can not worry: the car does not take long to wait. After all, our service is not just working around the clock: a special «smart» order distribution system has allowed us to make the delivery of a car record-breaking fast.

Of course, we also thought about those customers who are uncomfortable at the moment to use the phone. For them on the Shark Taxi site there is an online application form, with which to call the car for the transfer is also easy and convenient, as with the application.

So if you are planning a long-distance trip from Nikolaev to another locality in Ukraine — you do not need to waste time searching for the desired number. Launch the Shark application — and enjoy the ride!

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