Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

Perhaps the most convenient and reliable 24-hour taxi service in Belaya Tserkov

Perhaps the most convenient and reliable 24-hour taxi service in Belaya Tserkov
Fast and convenient

Ordering taxi in a few clicks via mobile apps. Real-time traffic map displays taxi movements.

Many drivers

Our taxi service works throughout Ukraine, many cars and drivers with choosing trip options are at your service.

Mobile applications

Modern apps for iOS and Android platforms allow to order taxi in a handy way, at any time and anywhere.

Every day, the services of companies that allow you to order reliable and fast transport at any time of the day or night are becoming more and more in demand.

Not surprising. After all, the pace of life does not allow you to sit still. Sometimes you have to be in almost several places at the same time to make it all happen. And in this case the taxi order is the only way out.

Fortunately, for today in the White Church there are plenty of services ready to service customers around the clock, causing transport for a transfer around the city. And inexpensive tariffs have transformed this once-luxury into a completely affordable, everyday service.

However, most companies, alas, prefer to work in the old fashion, not paying attention to the novelties that the technical process gives us.

As a result, just to call the car, you have to first look for the desired phone number in your mobile, and then dial the busy line, where the dispatcher, who does not know the streets of the White Church too well, will bother you with his recollections and clarifications for another ten minutes.

And, of course, you should not forget about those nerves that are being spent while the slow driver is slowly getting to you. This is especially true when you need to go urgently.

Fortunately, now there is a company that is really in step with the times: Shark Taxi.

Mobile application from Shark taxi: car — two tapas from you

Now, to use the services of a taxi service, you do not need to waste time and nerves. All you need is a mobile phone with an online connection and an installed branded application.

Touch its icon — and before you open the map of the White Church, where your location will be determined automatically. Will only enter the address of the destination — and voila!

The clever program has already calculated the best route, and at the same time, it also displayed on the screen the exact price for the upcoming transfer, according to the current tariffs, up to a penny.

Do you want to travel as inexpensively as possible? Or on the contrary: do you want to call a luxury car for an important guest? You can change the class of the machine in one touch of the screen.

We did not forget about those who need additional services. A convenient system of options will allow you to quickly order an extra seat in the trunk, the opportunity to bring your pet with you, call a taxi with a special children’s chair … with Shark Taxi everyone can get a really perfect transport for him.

At the same time, the car supply is surprisingly fast. Twenty-four hours a day in the city there are dozens of cars — and the order closest to you is sent to you, which exactly fits your needs. Therefore, after 5-7 minutes you will be on the road.

Convenience for the client: not just the application

We understand that not everyone can be comfortable using the mobile program. Therefore, on our site you not only can get acquainted with tariffs and information about the service of Shark, but also make an order online with the help of a convenient interactive form.

We also thought about those who prefer to communicate with dispatchers. It is enough to call our phone number — and an experienced operator will quickly and without additional questions issue a taxi call.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive but really convenient taxi service in the White Church — choose Shark Taxi!

Whence Where Cost km
Central Bus Station, Kutsenko St., 1 University of Culture and Arts, Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds, 68/8 36 2.2
Railway Station, ul.Privokzalnaya, 34 Children’s regional hospital, Sholom Aleichem str., 48 44 3.7
The central market, ul Yarmorochnaya, 6 Monolit Plant, 83 Levanevsky Str., 59 6.7
Soborny Hotel, Sobornaya Square, 1/1 Silpo, Skvirskoe highway, 230 48 4.6
Epicenter, Levanevsky St., 83 City Council, Yaroslav the Wise, 19 54 5.7
Hydropathic, Teatralnaya str., 8 Alexandria Dendropark, the boulevard of the 50th anniversary of Victory, 13 35 1,2
Vega shopping center, Heeroev Heavenly Street, 2 A Luch Stadium, Fasovskaya St., 21 38 2.5
Medical College, Skvirskoe Highway, 240 Glory Park, ul.Loginova, 26 50 4.9
Dovzhenko Cinema, Yaroslav Mudry str., 19 School # 17, Zarechanskaya str., 10/2 37 2.3
CSN Market, Alexandrinsky Boulevard, 60 Cathedral Square 42 3.3
Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

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