Application for ordering a taxi

The mobile application of the taxi Shark allows you to order a car at any time of the day in just a few touches.

Order a long-distance taxi from Zaporozhye

If earlier ordering a car for long-distance transfer from Zaporozhye to another city of Ukraine was the prerogative of well-off people, today the situation has radically changed.

The desire to win more customers and healthy competition played into the hands of ordinary people: now almost every taxi service allows you to call comfortable fast transport around the clock. And loyal tariffs have made such a service as ordinary as bread trekking.

However, many companies have not managed to get rid of some inconveniences. So, the search for the required phone number, a long dial-up to the operator and then even more tedious explanations, how to drive to your entrance and where to submit cars, each time turn into a whole epic.

Fortunately, now it’s not necessary to go through all the circles of hell. After all, in Zaporozhye appeared a taxi service that allows you to call an inexpensive car without the hassle, inconvenience and problems, in just a couple of seconds!

Shark Taxi: the perfect car at a distance of several tapas

So what is the difference between Sharq and competitors? No, not only in the excellent quality of services at the most affordable cost.

The main advantage of this service is the highest level of convenience when ordering a long-distance car.

Judge for yourself: all you need to do to bring the ideal machine for a transfer to anywhere in Ukraine is to download the free branded application Shark.

Click on the button with the fin — and the program will start and determine where you are by marking the point on the interactive map. Now enter the desired address (in any of the cities of our country), and the system itself will calculate the shortest route and display the price of the trip.

And of course, you can always change the class of the car — both in order to ride at a cheaper rate, and to ride with maximum comfort. You can make an appropriate choice in just one tap.

Well, if you need to take your favorite pet with you, you need an extra baggage space or you prefer to smoke while traveling — there’s nothing easier and faster than selecting the appropriate additional options in the Shark Taxi application.

It remains only to press the confirmation button — you can safely get together and go out: the taxi will be from minute to minute. Such a high speed of car delivery has become real thanks to a special algorithm for the distribution of orders between drivers. And you can rest assured: the city has a huge number of cars working around the clock, so even if you decide to make an intercity transfer in the dead of night — you will be served quickly and efficiently.

And, naturally, we thought about those people who, for some reason, are uncomfortable using the phone to call the car. For them on the site there is a special form of online application, with which you can call the machine easily and quickly.

Therefore, if you want to make an international trip from Zaporozhye to any city in Ukraine, stop wasting your time — download the application from Shark taxi and enjoy the service of a new generation!

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