Application for ordering a taxi

The mobile application of the taxi Shark allows you to order a car at any time of the day in just a few touches.

Order a long-distance taxi from Kharkov

Annually throughout Ukraine (and in Kharkov itself) there are more and more taxi services that allow you to go literally anywhere and offer their services around the clock. At the same time, due to the constantly growing competition, tariffs for such services are becoming more accessible.

It is quite logical that people who order not only trips around the city, but also making intercity transfers on cars, is becoming more and more.

However, most services focus only on the issue of the cost of their services and completely forgetting that the modern man in the first place is interested in convenience and speed.

To contact a typical taxi service, you will still need to search for the desired phone number, dial up to the operator (sometimes for several minutes or even longer) and for a long time explain to the dispatcher, who knows the city badly, where to submit the car. The whole process not only takes a monstrous amount of time, but also can thoroughly spoil the mood.

Fortunately, now you no longer have to go through these tortures. After all, thanks to the service Shark you can call the car in a couple of seconds — and do not doubt: the trip will be inexpensive, and the quality of service is more than acceptable.

Shark: long-distance taxi in your pocket

Do you want to travel from Kharkov to another city of Ukraine? With Shark, all you need is a proprietary application installed on your smartphone.

Just run it — and the system will determine where you are right now. Now enter the desired address — and the system will calculate the shortest path from your home to the required location, and also show the exact cost to the penny.

Do you want to save money by traveling at a cheaper rate? You can always change the car class to «economy». Or on the contrary, today a presentable machine was needed to impress the business partner? Or maybe just not used to deny yourself real comfort and chic?

By the way, at your service there is also a system of additional options, including such important items as, for example, the presence of a child seat, the issuance of a check at the end of the trip, the possibility of smoking in the lounge and much more.

It remains only to press the order confirmation button — and consider that the car is already approaching.

At the same time the service Shark made sure that the choice of all these functions did not take you more than a couple of seconds.

By the way, with Shark Taxi you can not just use the shuttle service around the clock. Thanks to our «smart» system of distribution of orders between drivers, the delivery of transport is carried out surprisingly quickly: within a few minutes.

And for those who need to call a car, and the smartphone was not at hand, the company Shark created a special online form. By going to our website and clicking on the button of the order, you will see how quickly and easily you can choose the options you need and get as a result an inexpensive car that fully meets your needs.

Therefore, if you want to go from Kharkov to any other city in Ukraine, you do not need to waste your time and energy, looking for numbers and dialing the operator. Just launch the application from Shark!

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