Order a taxi in Kiev
Fast and convenient

Ordering taxi in a few clicks via mobile apps. Real-time traffic map displays taxi movements.

Many drivers

Our taxi service works throughout Ukraine, many cars and drivers with choosing trip options are at your service.

Mobile applications

Modern apps for iOS and Android platforms allow to order taxi in a handy way, at any time and anywhere.

Order a taxi in such a large city as Kiev simple. Dozens of companies are ready to serve all comers — and around the clock.

However, if you try to find a company that really promptly respond to the challenge and at the same time offering customers a high level of service at low rates, you will find that these — very few.
However, even these «best of the best» will force you to go through all the traditional for our country «hell.»

First, you have to try to find the right phone number to call and the operator (which is especially difficult during peak hours). Then have a long conversation with an ever ask again and clarifying the obvious statement that takes you at least ten minutes of your precious time.

And well even if the company has avtoperezvona service. Otherwise the call with a mobile (and often bought a taxi it is with it) will cost a pretty penny.

Fortunately, there was much more convenient, fast and inexpensive service: Shark Taxi.

Taxi Shark: better prices, innovative approach

The Shark is so different from other services, allowing a taxi in Kiev?

In short, almost everything. After all, taking as a basis the principle of the work of leading Western companies, Shark created a system that allows to provide every resident or visitor of our city low-cost travel in a comfortable car with the ability to call it just a couple of touches of the screen of the smartphone.

Yes: for the clock to be able to get a quick and reliable transport, enough to have a mobile phone that can go online, and set him free app company.

It is enough to turn it on — and the system will determine your current location. It remains only to touch the interactive map at the location where you want to go (or enter the address manually) — and the program will show the optimal route of travel, and simultaneously display the exact price of a future trip.
A system of additional options enable to choose the perfect option for you, which will fully meet your current needs at an affordable cost.

You can press «Confirm» button — and one of the drivers in the vicinity, will answer your call. This is — another distinguishing feature Shark: thanks to the special orders distribution system, you can go to any place in Kiev after a few minutes.
Do you want to go after the work of the center on the Left Bank or afraid of being late to the airport — you can always rely on our company. We are not just working around the clock. We know exactly what time of day which areas require special attention, providing them with more drivers.

So with us you can be sure not only that the machine can always call cheap. In addition to the favorable rates we offer a really good service.

And if I can book a car online?

Indeed, not all of our customers to conveniently order the car with your smartphone. But do not worry: you can always use our site.

It is not only available complete information regarding our fleet and tariffs of the company. A special web page has a convenient order form is not inferior in functionality to our application.

So if you, for example, late at the airport and hand phone no — our website will always help.

So if you need a cheap reliable taxi in Kiev, in the Shark is waiting for you not only the best value of the services, but also the most convenient ways to access the car today.

Customer Reviews

Ideal for the busy person. Very convenient: thanks to the developers.
Shark taxi от , Ideal for the busy person. Very convenient: thanks to the developers.
Just a great app. I will now call the car is the only way.
Shark taxi от , Just a great app. I will now call the car is the only way.
Compared with conventional attempts to dial the operator - all heaven and earth.
Shark taxi от , Compared with conventional attempts to dial the operator - all heaven and earth.
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Direction Cost
Bus Station Center — guest house.Kreschatik 66 uah
Stad.Dinamo — pl. Lvivska 48 uah
Hydropark — Vydubychi Bus Station 78 uah
Boryspil Airport — Palace of Arts of Ukraine 98 uah
Zhuliany Airport — Dubki Park 78 uah
Metro Shulyavka — Kiev Pechersk Lavra 86 uah
Plavy — Bessarabsky market 45 uah
LCD Times of the Year — pl. Constitution 64 uah
Olympic — sq. Goloseevskaya 58 uah
Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

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