Application for ordering a taxi
The mobile application of the taxi Shark allows you to order a car at any time of the day in just a few touches.

Order a long-distance taxi from Lviv

Every year, the number of residents and guests of Lviv, who apply for long-distance transfer across Ukraine to various taxi services, is steadily growing. This trend is quite understandable, because such services for the past couple of years have become really inexpensive, and most companies switched to round-the-clock work. It is true that for a modern inhabitant of some affordable tariffs and the opportunity to go to another city at any time of the day and night is not enough. Now the main criterion for choosing a particular company is primarily the indicator of comfort. Judge for yourself: if you urgently needed a long-distance car, then you do not want to lose valuable time searching for the desired phone number, rummaging in your notebook or touching a business card. Moreover, it turns out that not everyone can reach the operator the first time, as practice shows. And if you are among the lucky ones (you quickly called back the service or did not have to dial a long time), then to explain to the dispatcher, asking the obvious things, where and what kind of transport to file — then another occupation. With such a prolonged irritating process, even if the cost of the trip is very small, the desire to go is usually somewhere quickly disappears. Fortunately, now it’s not necessary to go through this time-killing and nervous process. After all, in our city there is a service that allows you to order long-distance transfer for a couple of seconds.

Shark: your ideal taxi

To feel the difference between the service Shark and other services that provide passenger transportation services, it is enough to download our proprietary mobile application. Touch the Shark Taxi icon on the screen of your smartphone — and the application will determine the place where you are, marking it with a special marker on the interactive map. Now enter the address of the destination — and the system will calculate the most optimal route, and also show you the cost of the future trip. Do you want to go to the cheapest rate (or vice versa, want to feel the utmost comfort and convenience)? Then just change the auto class. This is done with just one touch! And if you need any additional options — for example, a baby armchair, the opportunity to bring your pet or salon, where you can smoke during the trip — you can choose them by touching the screen of your phone a couple of times. After you have marked everything you need, you just have to press the confirmation button — and consider that the car has already left. After all, not only do we work around the clock; Thanks to a clever system that distributes orders between drivers, our cars are delivered as quickly as possible. Naturally, we thought about those customers who are uncomfortable (or now simply do not have the opportunity) to use the smartphone: on our website there is a special online form, the same functional and convenient as the application. With it you can just as easily call the ideal car for you. So if you needed a long distance taxi from Lviv to any city in Ukraine, the choice of which service to apply to is obvious: Shark Taxi — and your trip will be ideal!

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