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When is it more profitable to order?

When is it more profitable to order?

Anyone needs to travel every day: get to work, get to school, go shopping, etc. Those who still haven't got their own transport travel around the city either by public transport or by taxi. Obviously, the second option is more comfortable, faster, and not as expensive as many people think.

However, you need to understand what the pricing of taxi services depends on. One of the most unambiguous factors affecting the price of an upcoming trip is the number of free cars in a specific period of time, within a certain radius of the place where you are. The basis of the taxi service is a clear balance of supply and demand, where demand is customer orders, and supply is available cars. Algorithms of many taxi services during rush hour form a specific coefficient that directly affects the cost of the trip. You, as a passenger, have seen such an effect quite often.

The SHARK Taxi team analyzed the implementation of orders, their cost and time range, and made conclusions about what time it is more profitable to order a taxi.

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Current time for an affordable taxi order

It is not at all surprising that the first rush hour is considered to be in the morning, namely the interval between 08:00 and 09:00 (the beginning of the working day). Therefore, we recommend leaving a little early, and depending on the distance of your trip, call a taxi around 07:00-07:30. The best times for morning trips are before 08:00 and after 10:00. By ordering a taxi at a more favorable hour, you will pay less and the trip will be faster, since you will not find yourself in a traffic jam.

In the evening, the situation is similar, if not identical: the evening rush hour (the end of the working day) predicts high rates, so to save money, you should beware of the interval of 17:00-19:00. To get home quickly and in peace, call a taxi half an hour before the end of the working day or after 7 pm.

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We looked at weekday peak hours, however, at the end of the week, namely on Friday and Saturday, there is another high-load period of time. On weekends, there is a special activity, everyone wants to relax, so on average, from 22:00 to 03:00 you can not find free taxis. This is due not only to the high demand from passengers, but also to the fact that fewer drivers work at night. The best solution to save money and create a safe travel environment would be to order a taxi at the time of a full hour, or a few minutes before that moment (23:50, 00:45, 01:00, etc.)

A separate moment that is worth your attention is ordering a taxi in “bad weather”. When it is raining, snowing, strong wind or terrible slush outside, a taxi is called 3-4 times more often. In order not to be left without a vehicle, and not to get into frantic odds, consider ordering a taxi in advance.

Travel economically and comfortably, consciously approaching the issue of ordering a taxi!

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