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Stress test: one day working with Shark Taxi

Stress test: one day working with Shark Taxi

Probably, in the whole Ukraine is almost no people left who even vaguely would not have heard about the famous service Shark Taxi.
It is not surprising that one of videobloggerov under the name "Future director" has decided to personally verify that the work on the Shark is so profitable and convenient indeed, is said about it.
To do this, he held a real independent stress test of this service and decided to see how much can get a driver for a full day. And at the same time - to identify the pros and cons of receiving orders using Shark Taxi Driver corporate applications. What had happened, you can see for yourself.

I must say that the matter came videobloger thoroughly: in the morning drove to the sink, turned on the camera in the cabin, walked into account in a special supplement for drivers - and set to work.
It is worth noting that our hero did not expect that, even on weekdays the number of people wishing to use the services of Shark will be so great. Not only that there was virtually no downtime until late in the evening. Sometimes it was necessary to abandon the profitable passengers simply due to the fact that the driver had to make a short coffee break and rest.
This service has shown its best side. automatic distribution system worked like a clock, giving orders, committed the most closest to the client machine, and the application itself is stable and instantly responds to actions takista. The only unpleasant event of the day was the sudden short trip internet. But then the responsibility lies solely with the mobile provider. By the way, even the unexpected force majeure any effect did not cause. A sound system did not allow failure.

For the whole day blogger filmed over 13 hours, for which the time to fulfill orders for 1230 USD (not including tip). Even net of the commission system and cost spent fuel - a very impressive amount. Of course, you always want to earn more, but our hero himself noted that in this case would have to raise tariffs for customers. That would inevitably impact on the number of orders.

What can we say in conclusion? An independent stress test uniquely successful. And he showed that promises service Shark Taxi - not just empty words.
Working with a company really is not only comfortable, but also profitable - both for passengers and for drivers who want to earn. We would like to once again thank the blogger under the name "Future director" and we hope that soon there will be other inquiring minds, which will allow the general public to get acquainted with all aspects of the Shark Taxi.

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