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Transportation of furniture: proper organization and quality transportation

Transportation of furniture: proper organization and quality transportation

If you need to transport furniture, whether it be an antique chest of drawers or a modern sofa-transformer, you need a thorough approach to many issues, ranging from the preparation of the goods, ending directly to the carriage. And while the first part will depend on you and your decisions, the transportation of furniture can fall on the shoulders of the service SHARK Taxi — just order the service "Freight Taxi" in your city.

Well, let's discuss how to properly and competently organize the transportation of furniture, taking into account all the necessary factors for the possibility of its further use.

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Possible problems during cargo transportation

Obviously, the vast majority of people when they want to move furniture first think about how to carry out this process on their own, provided that the family has at least a light vehicle. However, we hasten to warn you that with the implementation of self-movement, you may encounter difficulties in the early stages. The problems you may encounter are:

  • The size of the furniture (not all furniture is disassembled, and not all in this case fit in the car).
  • Exposure of furniture to mechanical damage (when loading into an elevator or car, there is a high probability of hitting the furniture and damaging it).
  • Loss of small parts (without thorough preparation for self-transportation of furniture can be lost small shelves, fittings, etc.).
  • Heavyweight (some furniture, in addition to the fact that it can be very large, can be very heavy, and one can not cope with it alone).
  • Packing non-standard furniture (modern furniture is characterized by a variety of design components, which causes difficulties in its packing).
  • The total volume (if you are the owner of a passenger car, be prepared for the fact that at one time you will not be able to move all the furniture that you have planned).
  • The duration of the process (independent transportation of large furniture can take longer than you think).

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The proper approach to transportation

If with the loading and transportation of furniture can help you SHARK Taxi specialists, then you should pay attention to preparing the furniture yourself if, of course, you intend to continue to use it as intended. It does not matter whether it is current furniture or new — competent organization and preparation for the move will not only speed up the process of transportation but also extend the life of the goods.

Of course, for the preparatory stages, you can contact the specialized services, but we believe that they are not that complicated, and do not take a lot of time, so they can be well done yourself, having only a few improvised means, saving a lot of money. So, let's proceed.

Preparing the load

Use any dense bag or zip bag to put in it the fittings that you primarily dismantle from the furniture. If we are talking about sets, the next step is to remove the shelves and drawers, and their carefully packing in protective film. After that, it is worth focusing on the glass elements (if they are to be dismantled). We recommend wrapping everything glass with bubble wrap.

The process of disassembling furniture

This stage is characterized by the maximum separation of the furniture into its component parts. Using an ordinary screwdriver or screwdriver to disassemble, say, a corner sofa will not be so difficult. Yes, this process will take a little more time, but it will save you money.

Packaging furniture

Quality packaging of furniture will protect it from most damages, so ignore this stage strongly advise against. All furniture (each piece) should be packed in cling film in several layers, or even better — in bubble wrap. Particularly delicate furniture can be wrapped with dense plaids — this provides an even greater level of protection in transit.

Labeling individual parts

Labeling — a stage that runs parallel to packing. It will ensure not only the convenience of further unpacking and mounting but also the accuracy of loading and transportation if the parts will be inscribed in the type: "Top" or "Top part", "Caution! Fragile!", "Open here", etc. The inscriptions by their peculiarity should tell us what part we are dealing with and how to install it afterward.

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Choosing freight transport

Choosing the right freight transport is at least a quarter of the success of the entire shipment. When ordering freight cab service from SHARK, or selecting a truck, be guided by the volume and dimensions of your cargo. The service has provided an optimal choice of freight transport, so there should be no difficulty with the selection. You can choose from:

  • car with a small body (1,7×1×0,9 m, up to 500 kg, up to 1.6 m³)
  • a machine with a medium body (2,6×1,6×1,5 m, up to 1000 kg, up to 6 m³)
  • a vehicle with a big body (4×1,9×2 m, up to 2000 kg, up to 15 m³).

Loading and shipping

Particular attention is required directly to the loading of property, namely the carry-down-load combination. With this combination in mind, be careful in the areas of:

  • doorways;
  • corners of stairwells;
  • stairways;
  • elevators.

It is in these areas that you are most likely to sustain damage to your furniture. However, if you are not sure that you can so carefully transport the cargo to the truck, you can always use the help of SHARK Taxi movers.

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Proper placement and securing of furniture

The way exactly how the furniture will be loaded into the truck depends largely directly on its type. According to its characteristics, furniture can be a cabinet, modular, soft, or antique. Based on what type of furniture we are dealing with, formed rules and recommendations for its loading and transportation.

  • Transportation of cabinet furniture

If you deal with cabinet furniture, you can transport it as assembled, and in separate parts. And this is a big plus because it is easy enough to disassemble such furniture without damage. Any movable and decorative parts should be dismantled and packed, as well as the fittings. Categorical requirements for placement and fixation of the furniture box do not have, it is enough to fix the packed cargo tightly to ensure safe transportation.

  • Transportation of modular furniture

Modular furniture, as well as cabinet furniture, can be easily disassembled and assembled, so difficulties in transportation should not arise. The only recommendation for placement — first load the large modules, and only then the medium ones.

  • Upholstered furniture

Since upholstered furniture is almost impossible to disassemble, it must be tightly fixed with packing film in one position, this also applies to furniture-transformers. Small upholstered furniture does not need to disassemble, a good quality packing and fixation are enough.

  • Exclusive and Antiques

When transporting exclusive or antique cargo, you need to pay special attention to the accurate dismantling of removable mechanisms and fittings and conduct a partial disassembly of the old connections, which are still quite tight. Loading antiques by your own efforts — a very risky process, in this case, it is better to trust our experts.

SHARK Taxi offers the assistance of movers (on request) and provides safe and favorable transportation in Odesa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih, Kropivnitsky, and other cities of Ukraine, so you always have the opportunity to transport their furniture and other property quickly and cheaply. Entrust your goods to professionals!

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