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Taxis: accessible without incident

Taxis: accessible without incident

June 19 in Odessa was once 2 accident, which completely blocked the road. By road tragedy quickly joined irritated almost a hundred drivers who can not time to get to work or home.Not an uncommon phenomenon, but let's look at it in detail.

1. The taxi driver thought of disembarking passengers in the middle of the roadway, then tried to regroup in the next number.
However, he did not notice a car passing in the same direction. As a result, "the masterful maneuver" hit both cars.

2. The second accident occurred as the fault of the taxi driver. He tried to pass the intersection of the street of the Assumption (with rather disastrous results).
Alas, but, as already mentioned, there is often. Fortunately, Shark Taxi like that happens almost never.

The reason is simple: we hire only true professionals, and follow their progress in the course of their work. The rating system available to everyone via the corporate application, allows you to track all the "punctures" drivers, ensuring perfect quality of service for all our customers.

Our clients receive a double benefit:

  • The minimum time of the order;
  • As soon as at all possible, the time of filing cars;
  • The reasonable price of our services.
Also, strict rules and the ability for any client to leave your comments motivate drivers to perform his job as responsibly as possible.
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