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«Shark Taxi» Why?

«Shark Taxi» Why?

Today in our country, you are hundreds of services that are ready to provide a taxi at any time of day and year. However, Shark Taxi is very different from any of them. Here's why - we are the only ones who firmly decided to abandon the dispatchers and services to move to an entirely new level of service with our application.

Why it's much more profitable and more convenient? There are several reasons:

  • You do not have to spend time talking with the manager, who does not always know where the taxi drivers at the moment. As a result, this "intimate conversation" can extend indefinitely. With us you do not have this "fun". Thanks Shark Taxi app, you can choose a suitable car, located not far from you. So you not only save time for the call, but always make sure that the car is about to drive up.
  • You choose the car class and - as a result - the cost of travel. Not every taxi service can offer you the freedom of action.
  • Our pricing is completely transparent. After selecting the car and indicate the final destination of your journey, you will immediately get an accurate count cost.

Now I hope you understand why the presence of so many competitors, taxi Shark selects more and more people.

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