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SHARK Taxi service during martial law

SHARK Taxi service during martial law

With the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, the life of many people and the activity of many spheres have undergone significant and critical changes. However, society is trying to maintain and increase its level of activity in order to return the functioning of any segment of the state to normal. Today we will talk about how, after a long period of martial law, the SHARK taxi service continues to operate.

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Providing services during martial law

Touching on the question "What taxi works during martial law?", it is important to note that the service tried to maintain the work on the provision of services even in the most difficult times, as it is mutual help that gives the opportunity to rally and survive in this difficult time. To date, SHARK Taxi service has fully restored the work of many of the services provided, among them:

  • taxi "Standard" — for frequent city trips;
  • taxi "Comfort" — for more comfortable journeys;
  • taxi "Wagon" — when you need a roomy trunk and saloon;
  • taxi "Minivan" — for trips in groups of up to 8 people;
  • service "Delivery" — for door-to-door transportation of parcels and cargo up to 20 kg;
  • "Driver" service — if you need to make a trip in your vehicle with the help of another experienced person;
  • "Pet" service — if you need to go on a trip with your pet;
  • "Cargo taxi" — for the organization of urban and intercity freight transportation.

These services, as before, are aimed at organizing passenger transportation and performing other transport tasks, which are needed by the population of the country. Moreover, some of the services can also be used for volunteer purposes.

It is worth noting that the service, as before, maintains a loyal level of prices for the implementation of services, as it does not change its principle — providing rides and services to all segments of the population.

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Why is a taxi more expensive in the evening?

Continuing a theme of the cost of a taxi and transport services, it would be desirable to discuss a question on the increase in the final price, depending on the time of the day, namely in the evening. Recall that during peacetime in the evening, the cost of taxi rides also tended to increase, provoked by the increased demand from users who rush home in the afternoon, or to various events to rest.

During martial law, another reason is added to the "end of the working day" — "curfew". In different regions of Ukraine, its time is set differently, so the cost of travel may increase at different times. In general, you can explain this phenomenon quite simply as before — an increase of coefficients due to increased demand + provision of time risks, because both you and your driver want to be home before curfew. Remember, the most important thing is safety.

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Can I drive a taxi during curfew?

The answer is simple — no. First, as we mentioned earlier, being away from home during curfew is at least risky, at most extremely dangerous. Think ahead about your safety, and don't endanger others! Secondly, taxi services, as well as many other businesses and organizations, do not operate during curfew, and resume their work at 05:00. This means you simply can't physically call a taxi before that time.

Be vigilant and careful, use the services of SHARK Taxi, and believe in the best! Peace be with you all!
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