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Bonuses that take care of your wallet

Bonuses that take care of your wallet

Shark Company gained fame not only because of tough price policy, making it more affordable services than the vast majority of competitors and the special attention to the quality of service.

Many have already managed to make sure that our company strives to meet the needs of each client. Moreover, this concern is manifested not only in words but in deeds.

Therefore, the first of February launched a bonus program for customers was another logical and expected step.

However, it can very interested in all those who more or less regularly orders the trucks for personal or business purposes.

I must say that the very launch of the loyalty program can not be called a particularly pompous. Of course, this approach is somewhat unusual in a time when most companies are furiously trying to «shout down» each other.

However, we are in favor of just making our customers’ lives as comfortable as possible — and provide them to decide for themselves how our proposed innovations useful for you personally.

However, it is necessary to stop more in detail on the most bonus program. In what does it consist?

It’s simple: now anyone who has ordered services Sharq, regardless of the amount of the order and class cars at the end of the trip gets 5% of the amount spent on the company’s services to the personal bonus account tied to the number of his mobile phone.

This money is piling up quite easily (especially for those who often orders a taxi), but have quite practical value, which can not be overestimated.

If your account have enough bonuses to fully cover the cost of the order, you can use them instead of spending their money. Not only very convenient, but also can help out in an emergency.

But how do you know whether you can ride for free?

To do this, go to the Members Area of corporate applications, by means of which the machine is carried out order. There are recorded all the information about your previous visits. This means that you will always know how many bonuses have already managed to accumulate.

It is — only the first of a planned sale of shares designed to make recourse to Shark Taxi even more profitable for customers. And you can be fully confident that our company will present its service users has a lot of pleasant surprises and profitable in the near future.

Well, if you need a fast and reliable taxi — just use the brand Shark Taxi app. And remember, with us not only more convenient. With us — profitable!

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