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Shark Taxi Presents: Miniseries

Shark Taxi Presents: Miniseries

Perhaps the company called Shark Taxi "normal" is extremely difficult. But it is an innovative approach, striving to make the customer's life as comfortable as possible, strict control of tariffs and the attention to every passenger needs and are the reason that we know about almost every corner of Ukraine.

One day with Shark Taxi: independent stress testHowever, we are not resting on our laurels. Our branches are opened in new cities, and the list of services is growing steadily.

But, paying maximum attention to the clients, we are, alas, too long did not pay attention to one important thing.

One day with Shark Taxi: independent stress testUntil recently, we had only one commercial. And he, of course, not be able to reflect all of the benefits that each client receives, referring to the Shark Taxi.

That is why we made a decision: to release a mini-series of seven commercials, each of which will reveal to the audience the features of our service.

And we come to the creation of thoroughly: in the shooting of only a couple of tens of seconds video, which will be released in the near future, 15 actors were employed, who worked three full days.

One day with Shark Taxi: independent stress testThe result you will appreciate in the near future for yourself. And we sincerely hope that you will find this movie is not only entertaining, but also the most rewarding.

So do not miss the premiere and stay with Shark. After all, the fun is just beginning!

One day with Shark Taxi: independent stress testShark Taxi - UKRAINE

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