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Shark Taxi gives money: 50 UAH to anyone

Shark Taxi gives money: 50 UAH to anyone

Our clients are well aware how much effort and attention the company pays Shark to anyone who prefers a really good service and a decent level of service. And, of course, we do our best to each of you can say with pride that enjoys the best in Ukraine passenger service. That is why the Shark does not get tired to please you with innovations that make your life more comfortable, and the taxi — is more profitable. And this time, we have remained true to its traditions. Now, anyone who decides to install Shark Taxi app and register in the system will receive as much as 50 hryvnia bonus on your first trip.

What to do to be able to dispose of the money so generously offered? All elementary. Just go to the Apple Store or Google Play, download free mobile application Shark, complete a simple registration and receive a confirmation code, which will come in the SMS. As soon as you enter it in the appropriate field — 50 hryvnia will appear in your bonus account. And using them is not necessarily right away. The money — totally yours, and even if you decide to order a taxi weeks after registration, they will wait patiently for your first order.

So it is — a great opportunity to try out all the benefits of our taxi service without having to spend even a penny of their own funds for the trip. And given how loyal in Shark rates, the bonus amount will be more than enough in most cases.

Incidentally, this is not the only bonus program running at the moment. Now any client Sharq, ordering cars, gets 5% of the amount spent back in the form of bonuses. And when their number will suffice to pay for the next trip, you will be able to offer it for free.

So if you for some reason have not yet join those who use the services of Shark, now — the perfect time to do it. Install the firmware application — and drive at our expense!

The promotion is valid until 15.04.2017

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