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Popular blogger became a taxi driver new to Shark

Popular blogger became a taxi driver new to Shark

Our taxi service has attracted more and more attention yutuberov popular. Just recently sent us a link to the video captured the popular Kharkiv videobloggerom Orjeunesse (258,000 subscribers for the Ukrainian segment of YouTube — it is you do not joke).

And, of course, we could not help but share it with you. After these 15 minutes, thanks to a live commentary, expressiveness of the author and many interesting moments pass like a flash.

The video itself blogger shot in response to questions from his audience. Namely: «What should I do in the winter,» calm «when there is no money, but to make them feel like?»
Actually, the answer was simple: almost every person with a vehicle, it is now a tool for earnings.
But why Shark became the master key to solving the problem, you can learn from the video itself.
However, we will tell some details for the most impatient.

It should be said immediately that the video owner honestly admitted that for the first time gets into the car as a taxi driver. So much success did not expect to see (and what a pleasure, the result exceeded those expectations).
The first working day started early in the morning: the newly-born taxi driver decided to take a test the system before the operation — not really hoping for a large number of orders. However, there it was waiting for a pleasant surprise.
Almost all part time allotted time had to spend on the road. It turned out that even without a high rating, you can get enough orders. And — very profitable.

Among the customers come across a lot of people who use the services of Shark on a regular basis: the passenger in one «combat experience» was already more than a hundred orders!
To be honest, it was nice to see people praised our company for the efforts that we are making in order to make the service as convenient and fast. And even more pleasant to realize that these efforts are truly appreciated.

After the break, the main work of our hero is once again turned on the app — and went in search of new passengers. Which is not long in coming: just as soon as firm orders distribution system «robot» has given a perfect order. New client waited quite close, and he also needs to center. So why not ride?
A pleasant surprise for the author’s videos are not only tips, but also five star, who raised the mood and novice taxi driver, and his approval rating.
And after a while it’s time to wrap up an eventful day.

Though our hero and refused many orders due to insufficient knowledge of the city, he was fully satisfied with the experiment.
A total of nine orders executed mostly in passing — and nearly 600 hryvnia in the family budget.
Needless to say, he flattered our company Shark recommending it as a great part-time work, and basic earnings?

From myself I can only say a sincere «Thank you!» It is always nice to receive such a high rating from an unbiased person. Especially if it’s not just praise, and specific analysis of all the aspects that will help more than one hundred or even thousands of people to determine for themselves whether or not it is they run Shark Taxi Driver app and hit the road for new profitable orders!

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