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Moving personal belongings: the peculiarities of planning transportation

Moving personal belongings: the peculiarities of planning transportation

Moving personal belongings is often characterized by their unwieldiness, which means that it is difficult to transport them. You must organize everything, prepare carefully, find the proper transport, and load the possessions. However, you don't need to take on all the processes. No one but you can pack your belongings according to your own specific need, but the SHARK service can help with loading and carrying out such procedures as moving personal belongings as part of a “Cargo Taxi” fare.

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When does the need arise?

It is important to understand that moving personal belongings is not the same as moving to a new apartment. There are many situations in which you or your loved one may need a truck transport, for example:

  1. Moving to a new place of residence when buying a new apartment, house, etc.
  2. As part of the seasonal move to a cottage or permanent residence.
  3. In cases of temporary or complete relocation to a new country during an extended business trip (housing costs are usually covered by the company, but you should not count on covering the checks for transporting things).
  4. Relocation in connection with studies in another city, and even abroad (keep in mind that you may also need to transport furniture, not just belongings).

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Tips for transporting personal belongings

Regardless of the reason for transporting your personal belongings, they need to be carefully and comprehensively prepared. For your preparations to be successful, we recommend the following:

  • Do a complete audit and/or get rid of unnecessary items (in fact, no one is forcing you to get rid of them, but at least you should determine what you will definitely need and what can stay and wait for a better case for transportation, take only the essentials).
  • Prepare packing materials (to pack and transport the property in the most organized way possible, you will need: duct tape, scissors, stretch film, bubble wrap for wrapping fragile items, plain paper, cardboard boxes, compact bags, garbage bags, sturdy garment bags, boxes with labels, etc.)
  • Set a date for delivery of the property (personally determine the date when you are going to do the shipment, so that the process goes smoothly and without unnecessary actions).
  • Properly pack cargo and label the boxes (the key to safe delivery — proper packaging, multi-layered dense packaging material will protect your property).
  • Provide a separate place for the "important things" (preferably divide the documents and valuables into folders/containers, and put them in bags or suitcases).
  • Choose a truck and call the movers (we recommend choosing the 2 in 1 solution and ordering the transportation service SHARK Taxi at the rate of "Cargo").

After that, all responsibility is transferred to the service specialist, and you can calmly wait for the delivery of your cargo. Loaders will quickly and professionally handle loading and securing, and the driver will set the safest and relatively fast route. And all these operations are many times cheaper than calling a logistics company.

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Personal in the hands of professional specialists

Choose SHARK Taxi not only because it allows you to transport your personal belongings safely and affordably, but also because the service can also arrange transportation of:

  • furniture;
  • household appliances;
  • equipment;
  • building materials;
  • musical instruments, and much more.

It is worth noting that you can order the cargo transportation service around the city, as well as in the intercity direction. Cargo Taxi works in Odesa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kropivnitsky, Kryvyi Rih, and other cities in Ukraine. Move with confidence — choose SHARK!

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