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Fashion channel — about the most popular taxi in Odessa

Fashion channel — about the most popular taxi in Odessa

And again among the sent us a video of Shark Taxi replenishment. At this time, our service has come under close attention Odessa Fashion Channel and charming leading Olga Olympia.

And the contents of the video speaks for itself. And it’s not just that we have talked about so popular media, but also how a positive opinion we have left these (pretty picky, by the way) browsers.

But see for yourself:

Not surprisingly, the channel dedicated to the good life, paid attention to our service. For people who value comfort, will appreciate how our application that allows you to call a taxi for a couple of seconds, and the highest level of service, which causes more people to stay with us, completely forgetting the services that they enjoyed before.

Do you think we exaggerate? Charming Olga Olympia also thought so: it is clear that the first objective of the video was just checking to see how true our statements about the fact that Shark offers the perfect combination of fast feed cars, reasonable prices and comfort.

And that is very nice, she was convinced that almost immediately after the application.

Leading simply amazed how easy it is to use our program and how to quickly and easily enjoy just such a machine that you need. And our proprietary system of options deserve separate praise.

Olga did not forget about such an important aspect as the operational flow of the machine. Just a few minutes after order confirmation she was in the cabin — and did not miss an opportunity to talk with one of our drivers (which, as it turned out, more than two years closely with our service).

Do not hide: nice was that we heard in the video view is not only a socialite, but one and our taxi drivers. And he highlighted the convenience, visibility of work with the application and no need to waste time on empty talk with the dispatcher or other interfering factors as the most important, which make it a really nice job.

Thank you for such a high score. After all, we are trying to listen in to our customers and for drivers. And very pleased that our efforts to find a response.

Olga wants to finish the words, lost a moment — it lost benefits, lost opportunities. And if you use Shark Taxi, you can always be sure that nothing will be spent not one second!

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