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How Okean Elzy helped taxi drivers earn money

How Okean Elzy helped taxi drivers earn money

Famous singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and his band "Okean Elzy" set several records at once:

  • Record performances length: the last concert was the longest in the history of the band and lasted 3.5 hours;
  • Record number of viewers: more than 75 000 people came to listen to the famous group (by the way, so the audience could not collect even Madonna, a few years to speak at the same stadium);
  • The highest rates for taxi services were recorded.
After the concert of the "Olympic" was only possible to go on paying the double rate. And, of course, no question was out of order in advance.

On the night of 22 June 23 operators in Kiev taxi services was taken more than 700 orders (with a standard load of 50 calls per day).

This unpleasant situation connoisseurs of good music could be avoided if the used Shark Taxi services. After all, here you always know what the prices are extremely transparent and accessible for everyone.

With corporate application you always know how much the trip will cost. Moreover, you can see the cars that are close to you and you can choose the driver with the highest rating.

So with us you can not only save you. but you always know that you can reach any destination with real comfort!

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