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How much does a taxi ride in Odessa cost in 2021?

How much does a taxi ride in Odessa cost in 2021?

Having an idea of how much this or that taxi ride will cost you is quite useful. Many people determine the degree of need to travel through this type of transport based on the cost of the service. And this is actually a very correct and deliberate approach, since a careful and economical attitude to your money allows you to plan their moderate consumption for other needs.

In order to be able to use your budget freely, you need to calculate the cost of the trip when it comes to traveling by taxi. Nowadays, there are many available ways to do this, for example, in the SHARK Taxi application, the cost is calculated automatically, taking into account many factors that may interest you.

Why is this function useful? It’s:

  • fast and convenient;
  • visual, stable and fixed;
  • gives confidence that there will be no further spending;
  • calculates the price, taking into account the order of additional services.

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Fares in different taxi services: comparison and advantages

In order to choose the most affordable option for a taxi ride in Odessa, you need to know at least roughly the tariffs of the existing taxi services. However, today it is very difficult to find up-to-date data on tariffs, since services update them very rarely, or do not disclose this information at all on their resources.

Believing in the truthfulness of the specified data and trusting the source on which they are posted is your fear and risk, since the information about the minimum order, or the cost per kilometer may differ significantly from those in the service. In addition, different taxi services set their indicators based on different factors, so it is extremely incorrect to compare them according to different or completely absent aspects.

In order not to become a victim in such a situation, and not to spend more money than planned, frantically proving to the driver of a particular service that the calculations of the amount are incorrect, it is better to focus directly on the cost of a trip along your route, and compare this particular price.

You can be confident in the detailed data of fares for taxi rides by contacting SHARK Taxi, since the service regularly monitors the correspondence of prices in its digital resources, unlike other services.

Well, as we said, it is necessary to compare the actual prices calculated for a specific trip, so let's look at the most frequent routes and their prices in different taxi services:

*the table shows the cost of trips at the “Standard” tariff.

As you can see from the table, SHARK Taxi is the most optimal among the services. How to calculate the cost of an order yourself in this service? Use the mobile application, enter the address data of your trip, and the cost will be determined automatically. Also, you can check this information with the service operator by calling 3000.

Take advantage of proven services with affordable tariff rates to make your trips fast, safe and economical!

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