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Flexible configuration of application

Flexible configuration Shark Taxi app
Flexible configuration of application - one of the features of Shark Taxi

We firmly believe that if you have booked a taxi from the Shark Taxi, your trip is bound to be just as comfortable in every way.

Therefore, we have paid very close attention to ensuring that our application one could mention the points that are most important to him at the time of the road.

What do I need to do?
  • Select machine class Would you like to take a ride on an economy taxi or prefer to travel by car executive class, it is enough to specify.
  • Define search radius Specify how far away from you drivers can take your order.
  • Set the time of filing In application settings in increments of five minutes.
  • We need to go somewhere on the way? If you're on the way you need to call somewhere - not a problem. Just enter additional destinations when ordering - and the driver will drive you back at a specified time.
Now we have to make just one click - and the app will show all available taxi drivers in the radius search. Choose any - and go!

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