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Features of transportation of construction materials

Features of transportation of construction materials

In Ukraine, a large number of construction and repair works are regularly carried out, and construction materials must be purchased and transported at the same time. In order to properly and efficiently transport such cargo, it is important to consider the category to which they belong, because today there is a huge variety of building materials. They differ not only in weight and dimensions, but also other important technical parameters, which should be taken into account when developing methods of delivery.

To date, there are no unified basic rules for transportation of all types of building materials. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze the details of transportation of each type of construction cargo, including available delivery options. To facilitate this task, we recommend contacting SHARK freight cab service, which provides services of transporting construction materials using forklifts.

Our company complies with all transport regulations, taking into account the category of building materials, providing the right truck for the optimal number of trips and saving the customer's money. This method guarantees the safety of transported cargo regardless of the quality of roads in the area.


Transportation of construction materials: peculiarities of the organization

Today only specialized companies can organize and transport construction materials, taking into account all existing rules of transportation of specific and standard cargoes. SHARK provides an integrated way of implementing such processes:

  • selection of a truck;
  • use of special equipment and tools for loading and unloading of construction materials
  • construction of optimal routes, depending on the area of the city;
  • safe transportation of cargo under supervision;
  • convenience of ordering and cashback.

In preparation for this assignment, we have carefully analyzed many different factors that play an important role in the safe delivery of building materials.

  • Distance

In most cases, building materials are shipped from the manufacturer's factory or directly from the direct supplier's warehouse to the construction or renovation site. In most cases, the distance between these points does not exceed 300 kilometers. If this parameter exceeds 200-300 km, it is more profitable for a client or a building contractor to find a supplier as close to the construction site as possible. It is important to understand that long distances are economically justified only if the delivery of expensive brand-name goods, as well as bulky and heavy goods is planned. For example, natural stone, ceramic or designer tiles manufactured in another city or country.

  • Security of shipment

Shipment of construction materials must be done in accordance with standards that can ensure the safety of the goods being transported. Transportation of goods over long distances is associated with a high risk of damage to the goods. For example, fragile materials can partially fail, mixtures and mortars harden, and structures deform. Therefore, it is important to insure the cargo against the possible risks before shipment, which will significantly reduce the financial problems in case of accidents on the road.

  • Delivery time

At SHARK Taxi you can order delivery of large quantities of building materials of various volumes. Company operators select an appropriate mode of transport to accommodate the required cargo and perform a minimum number of trips. In addition, it is important to take into account the time of transportation of building materials. This parameter affects which mode of transport will be used to deliver the goods.

In Ukraine trucks are the best option. Using a freight cab to transport construction materials can be economically justified if you need to ship small batches of goods. This can be bricks, bulk materials and other categories of goods.


Classification of construction materials

SHARK provides professional services for transportation of construction materials at low prices. Considering the characteristics of the cargo, experienced drivers can transport various types of building materials. The basic classification of construction materials implies the following categories:

  • Bulk. This category includes sand and cement, as well as gravel, lime and other products. At first glance, such goods may seem undemanding to the conditions of delivery, but this is not the case. In most cases, transportation is carried out by dump trucks of different capacity. Lime and cement must not come into contact with moisture, otherwise they will lose their properties. Therefore, they are packed or shipped in airtight containers. Loading and unloading of construction materials is carried out by mechanical, pneumatic or gravity methods.
  • Liquid. The most popular choice is concrete, which is very demanding to proper transportation and storage. Automobile transportation of such building materials is carried out as quickly as possible with the help of special tanks, which constantly rotate to protect the concrete structure.
  • Formed. This category includes such well-known types of materials as bricks. It must be transported with care to maintain its integrity. Usually, this building material is transported in cars on pallets and additionally packed in polyethylene. In this case, loading and unloading of homogeneous building materials is carried out by manipulators.

Metal construction is transported by cars with extended bodies, which allows loading and unloading of goods vertically.


Ways of transporting construction materials

Delivery of construction materials, the price of which is kept at an affordable level, is a fairly popular service among citizens of Ukraine. Transportation of such goods may be carried out by various modes of transport: rail, air, water, road, tractor, as well as the use of special equipment (mixers, concrete mixers, heat tanks).

In most cases we are talking about trucks used to transport construction materials, with a different type of body and carrying capacity. Such transportation of construction materials has a lot of advantages: high speed, good maneuverability of vehicles on difficult road sections, fast cargo loading and unloading.

Make use of SHARK Taxi's services by placing an order in a convenient mobile application or by dialing 3000. We work with reliable performers in different parts of the country, so you can be sure of the quality of service.

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