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An awkward moment, or conversations with taxi drivers

An awkward moment, or conversations with taxi drivers

In the modern world, there are almost no problems with communication skills, however, each person is individual, each has its own reasons why communication with other people is not easy, or it is not at all pleasant. Situations of this nature can occur anywhere: difficulties and awkwardness of communication can arise, for example, when ordering food from an unfamiliar waiter in a cafe, when it is necessary to negotiate with people in public transport, or even in a taxi.

The point is that due to their professional characteristics, taxi drivers often try to get in touch with the client, establish communication, and ask about the comfort of the trip. But it is worth noting that many clients, also due to their characteristics, are not inclined to talk, and many taxi drivers sometimes go too far with the desire to talk.

What to do when you are a passenger and find yourself in such a neglected case? Consider the following tips.

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Solving communication problems in a taxi

In this situation, it is worth paying attention to the opinion of psychologists on this matter. Many of them argue that in conditions of unacceptable conversation on the part of the passenger and a driver’s fair desire to talk, you should just show your disinterest in the conversation. What methods are suitable for this are:

  • headphones;
  • averted gaze;
  • pensive and concentrated facial expression directed towards the window;
  • answers to questions with some pauses, etc.

If you want to be sure that these gestures do not offend a person who is nevertheless performing their duties properly, politely tell him about your inconveniences. Suitable messages: “Sorry, but I'm busy with my thoughts”, “I'm sorry, but I need time to think”, “I would love to talk, but I really need to concentrate”, “I need to relax and be in silence, thank you ”and others.

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There are also harsher solutions that can end inappropriate conversation. You just need to blurt out something unexpected that can confuse your “interlocutor” and throw him into a slight shock and long reflections. But this method is not very effective and practical, because here you need to rely only on imagination, and hope that it works. It would be much more logical to simply warn the taxi driver about his unwillingness to speak.

Awkward situations in a taxi are more common than usual, however, do not drive yourself into unpleasant and unacceptable conditions for you— if unnecessary conversations bring you discomfort, feel free to tell the taxi driver about it. After all, the original and fundamental goal of taxi services like SHARK is to provide comfortable and safe travel for their customers.

May your taxi journeys go smoothly and smoothly!

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