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Types of courier delivery
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Minimum order 60 uah (includes 2 km).

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Minimum order 30 uah (includes 1 km).

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Walking delivery



Minimum order 20 uah (includes 1 km).

Courier prices
Услуга (The minimum order is 20 uah, up to 1 km.) Cost / km
Inside the city 3-7 uah.
Outside the city (one way) 4-9 uah.
Outside the city (there and back) 4-9 uah.
Waiting 1-2 uah/min
Delivery areas
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What can you send by courier
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and documents
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Medicines from the pharmacy
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Products or ready meals from a restaurant
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How do I order courier delivery?
Delivery of documents, correspondence and small-sized cargo

Registration of delivery of documents, correspondence and other small goods is possible both with payment at the pick-up address and at the final address. IMPORTANT! To select the optimal mode of transport, you must indicate what is being transmitted.

Food delivery from restaurants

Our couriers deliver PAID orders from restaurants or on full prepayment.

Delivery of groceries from the supermarket

Delivery of products from supermarkets is carried out with full prepayment to the courier in cash or to a Privat Bank card. The final amount is formed from the value of the item (s) as per receipt plus shipping costs.

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Delivery terms
Prohibited items
  • Cash and cash equivalents (debit cards, outstanding checks, etc.)
  • Seals of individuals and legal entities
  • Hazardous materials (explosive, flammable, flammable, radioactive, corrosive and other hazardous substances)
  • Firearms, traumatic, pneumatic, cold weapons and ammunition
  • Jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, products from them
  • All other items prohibited for shipment by the Legislation of Ukraine
  • Packing requirement

    When handing over the parcel to the courier, it must be properly packed. The courier does not provide packaging services.

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    Our address
    ➔ Courier delivery in Odessa – SHARK TAXI - Image 18 124 Mechnikov street Odessa
    Our phone
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    Nazar Prut
    Nazar Prut
    Ivano-Frankivsk, 21.01.2022

    Finally found a balance of affordable price and appropriate conditions. Now I use only SHARK!

    Sergey Domanytsky
    Ternopil, 23.12.2021

    Taxi service is really fast, many useful services and opportunities, decent service.

    Olena Kravchuk
    Kharkiv, 17.04.2023

    There was some kind of glitch in the app or I was having problems with my connection today when placing my order. Thank you very much to the employees who answer in "Help" and help quickly, in a short time to solve the problem.

    Bohdan Usenko
    Kryvyi Rih, 27.03.2023

    In general, the service is good, I've been using it for a while, but from my current experience, the services are diverse, not just passenger transportation, as in others, the prices are adequate, the service is satisfactory. I can recommend it.

    Vinnytsia, 30.04.2023

    At the weekend I forgot my bag in the car, and there my whole life (documents, money, keys), good thing my phone was in my hand. So I didn't have time to call the service and tell them about the loss, as the driver had already contacted me and was waiting for me at the entrance. It was rush hour before curfew, he could have left and all, only in the morning I would have gotten home. Thank you service for such good drivers.

    Sofia Matveeva
    Sofia Matveeva
    Odessa, 05.10.2021

    I ordered a business taxi for a trip to the conference. I was very pleased with the affordable cost and the necessary appearance of the car.

    Odesa, 02.05.2023

    I had to go to the train, the departure at 23:00, contacted several services, no one could provide a car, time was running out 20 minutes before curfew, I called the number 3000, the car came in 4 minutes, the driver a special thanks for the rapid filing, and help in loading luggage!

    Omar Gubaidullin
    Omar Gubaidullin
    Kharkiv, 21.12.2018

    Due to my job I use taxi services all the time. This makes the Shark Taxi application an indispensable thing for me.

    Valentina Pustovit
    Valentina Pustovit
    Odesa, 12.04.2023

    I am a regular user of Shark Taxi, and I can say with confidence that the prices are the most affordable, and the service is the highest quality in town. I intend to test freight transportation as well, I will definitely share my feedback!

    Anisia Vovchok
    Anisia Vovchok
    Zaporizhzhia, 08.02.2023

    I used many taxi services, hoping to find a good combination of price and quality. I stopped at SHARK because the prices are loyal, the trips are comfortable, and if necessary, you can easily order transportation services such as delivery or trucking. For me it is 5 out of 5, I will continue to use it.

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    You can apply for the "Courier" service in Shark Taxi through the application or by calling 3000!

    In our time, the courier delivery service is gaining more and more popularity. This is not surprising, because over time and the dynamic development of our life, people began to understand what should be given priority. Now, instead of spending a lot of time going to the store for shopping, going to the post office, or delivering the necessary things yourself, you can turn to the services of a courier. This significantly frees you from unnecessary worries, and allows you to use your time resources for more important work and other aspects.

    While you calmly deal with matters of urgent importance, the courier will do everything for you that you entrust him. Purchase and delivery of food, floristry, gifts, ready-made food, medicines and other things, delivery of documents, small parcels and mail - all this is included in the list of services provided by the courier. You just need to indicate what exactly interests you, place an order and expect delivery.

    You can place an order for delivery by courier in Shark Taxi through the operator by calling 3000. Or you can use the fast and convenient Shark application.

    To order the Courier service in Odessa through the application, you must:

    • launch the application;
    • indicate the address of the place of purchase and delivery;
    • choose the "Courier" service;
    • click the "Order" button;
    • in the new window, indicate the necessary items for the purchase;
    • keep directions and wait for your courier.

    Popular service from SHARK Taxi — urgent courier delivery of documents, mail and urgent shipments, organization of fast delivery from stores, as well as delivery for business around your city. We offer our customers convenience, reliability and speed.

    Our company provides quality services for the delivery of specific segments of goods and parcels in Ukraine. Express delivery in the city is made within a certain time interval, if urgent delivery to the region or another city is required, you need to clarify the details with the operator on 3000, on the website or in a mobile application.

    The purchase and implementation of delivery takes place as quickly as possible, so that the client is satisfied with both purchases and the saved time. Shark Taxi provides experienced and responsible couriers that you can safely trust.

    Order courier services at Shark Taxi and forget about the hassle of shopping on your own!
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