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Types of courier delivery
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Minimum order 60 uah (includes 2 km).

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Minimum order 30 uah (includes 1 km).

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Walking delivery



Minimum order 20 uah (includes 1 km).

Courier prices
Услуга (The minimum order is 20 uah, up to 1 km.) Cost / km
Inside the city 3-7 uah.
Outside the city (one way) 4-9 uah.
Outside the city (there and back) 4-9 uah.
Waiting 1-2 uah/min
What can you send by courier
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and documents
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Medicines from the pharmacy
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Products or ready meals from a restaurant
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How do I order courier delivery?
Delivery of documents, correspondence and small-sized cargo

Registration of delivery of documents, correspondence and other small goods is possible both with payment at the pick-up address and at the final address. IMPORTANT! To select the optimal mode of transport, you must indicate what is being transmitted.

Food delivery from restaurants

Our couriers deliver PAID orders from restaurants or on full prepayment.

Delivery of groceries from the supermarket

Delivery of products from supermarkets is carried out with full prepayment to the courier in cash or to a Privat Bank card. The final amount is formed from the value of the item (s) as per receipt plus shipping costs.

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Delivery terms
Prohibited items
  • Cash and cash equivalents (debit cards, outstanding checks, etc.)
  • Seals of individuals and legal entities
  • Hazardous materials (explosive, flammable, flammable, radioactive, corrosive and other hazardous substances)
  • Firearms, traumatic, pneumatic, cold weapons and ammunition
  • Jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, products from them
  • All other items prohibited for shipment by the Legislation of Ukraine
  • Packing requirement

    When handing over the parcel to the courier, it must be properly packed. The courier does not provide packaging services.

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    Our address
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    Our phone
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    Ksenia Artamonova
    Melitopol, 01.09.2021

    In general, I am happy with everything, both the cost of the trips and the process itself, but there is always room for growth and improvement.

    Kropyvnytskyi, 20.04.2023

    Ordered a car by short number 3000 for the second time, and it was very nice to be called by name and at the end wishing you a good mood.

    Tatyana Guk
    Tatyana Guk
    Khmelnitsky, 10.03.2022

    I was looking for a safe and fast taxi - I found it! Thanks to the SHARK service for the services provided.

    Fedor Akinfeev
    Fedor Akinfeev
    Dnieper, 03.06.2020

    Thank you! That’s exactly what a modern and busy man needs. It is fast, handy, and simple.

    Olha Kholodna
    Olha Kholodna
    Kropyvnytskyi, 01.05.2023

    I am abroad, I urgently needed the delivery of medicines mother is in Kropivnitsky, I turned to the website service, what pleased me was a very quick feedback, I was advised that the delivery can pay for the card to the driver, which is very convenient, because my mother can not go down to pick up drugs and pay for the order. Very pleased with the work of the operator and driver, the order was delivered without any problems, I will definitely apply again!

    Olga Semyonova
    Olga Semyonova
    Odessa, 04.07.2021

    If I need to get somewhere quickly, and most importantly - safely and comfortably, I choose only Shark. I use it regularly, I'm happy with everything.

    Bogdan Gushchin
    Bogdan Gushchin
    Kharkiv, 26.07.2021

    Personally, my constant companion when traveling around the city is SHARK! The prices are quite affordable, the trips are fast and comfortable. I always arrive on time where I need to.

    Artyom Fokin
    Kyiv, 14.10.2021

    I used this service for the first time, delivery is fast, the application is convenient, arrived on time, generally satisfied

    Victoria Gurova
    Victoria Gurova
    Kropyvnytsky, 17.11.2021

    This taxi service "Comfort" really lives up to its name. Thanks for a pleasant trip!

    Lydia Vasilenko
    Lydia Vasilenko
    Dnipro, 03.08.2021

    I love this service for its versatility! And the trips are excellent, and the services can be ordered different - it is very convenient. I definitely recommend it!

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    Nowadays, courier delivery is an overly popular service, regardless of its purpose. This demand is due to the vast opportunities offered by courier delivery and the saving of personal time. Thanks to the courier, you can reconsider your priorities and carry out tasks of greater importance without wasting time on everyday things.

    In Kharkiv, the "Courier" service is provided by SHARK Taxi. This service allows you to save not only personal time, but also the personal budget of the customer, thanks to the favorable SHARK rates. Now you do not have to pick up parcels from the post office yourself, waste time waiting in store lines or go to get documents for work. This can be entrusted to a professional courier from SHARK Taxi.

    Couriers of our service provide delivery services:

    • medicines;
    • groceries from the store;
    • prepared food;
    • flowers;
    • gifts;
    • postal parcels;
    • documents, etc.

    How to order courier delivery in SHARK Taxi? The algorithm of actions is as follows:

    1. Dial 3000 and contact the operator / Use the SHARK app.
    2. Indicate the starting address (purchase / dispatch, etc.) and the ending address.
    3. Select the "Courier" tariff and determine the acceptable type of payment.
    4. Confirm the order with the “Order” button.
    5. In the new window, indicate what is required from the courier.
    6. Save all directions and wait for the SHARK Taxi employee.

    Just a few points, and how they will ease your usual rhythm of life, taking part of the work onto yourself. Thanks to the SHARK courier, you can significantly save your time resources, simply by delegating routine processes to the courier. Now products from the store can be brought by a SHARK courier, he will also take care of delivery of documents and parcels to the post office, and in the meantime you will be engaged in more important matters for yourself, from family and work to personal rest. And based on the availability of the service for the price, you will be able to use it as needed.

    Value your time and solve everyday issues quickly thanks to SHARK Taxi!

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