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Courier delivery in Berdyansk

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Types of courier delivery
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Minimum order 42 uah (includes 2 km).

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Minimum order 30 uah (includes 1 km).

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Walking delivery



Minimum order 20 uah (includes 1 km).

Courier prices
Услуга (The minimum order is 47 uah, up to 1 km.) Cost / km
Inside the city3-7 uah.
Outside the city (one way)4-9 uah.
Outside the city (there and back)4-9 uah.
Waiting1-2 uah/min
What can you send by courier
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and documents
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Medicines from the pharmacy
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Products or ready meals from a restaurant
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How do I order courier delivery?
Delivery of documents, correspondence and small-sized cargo

Registration of delivery of documents, correspondence and other small goods is possible both with payment at the pick-up address and at the final address. IMPORTANT! To select the optimal mode of transport, you must indicate what is being transmitted.

Food delivery from restaurants

Our couriers deliver PAID orders from restaurants or on full prepayment.

Delivery of groceries from the supermarket

Delivery of products from supermarkets is carried out with full prepayment to the courier in cash or to a Privat Bank card. The final amount is formed from the value of the item (s) as per receipt plus shipping costs.

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Delivery terms
Prohibited items
  • Cash and cash equivalents (debit cards, outstanding checks, etc.)
  • Seals of individuals and legal entities
  • Hazardous materials (explosive, flammable, flammable, radioactive, corrosive and other hazardous substances)
  • Firearms, traumatic, pneumatic, cold weapons and ammunition
  • Jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, products from them
  • All other items prohibited for shipment by the Legislation of Ukraine
  • Packing requirement

    When handing over the parcel to the courier, it must be properly packed. The courier does not provide packaging services.

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    Our address
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    Our phone
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    Agree that courier delivery has long won the hearts of not only the residents of Berdyansk, but all of Ukraine and the world. It is very convenient, saves time, and will allow you to do what you never had enough time for because of everyday affairs. The only thing worth paying attention to in this case is choosing a reliable courier delivery so that you don't have to worry about the process of its implementation.

    In Berdyansk, your reliable partner in this matter can be SHARK Taxi and the Courier service. Safe and fast delivery at a pleasant price.

    Courier delivery in Berdyansk

    Indeed, if you delve into this issue, then the courier, taking over some of your affairs, can significantly save your time. If earlier you had to spend hours in supermarkets, choosing and buying food, standing in line, now a courier can do it. A courier can also pick up a parcel, or send a letter by mail. Take the working documentation — he can also. And this is not the whole list of works performed by the courier.

    The SHARK Taxi courier can deliver:

    • ready meals from restaurants and cafes;
    • products from the supermarket;
    • flowers and gifts;
    • medicines;
    • parcels, letters from the post office;
    • documents from work, etc.

    Your life will definitely change if you use the “Courier” service from SHARK at least once. You will free up a lot of time for yourself that you can spend more productively and profitably.

    You can order the Courier service online through a mobile application, or by calling 3000. In any case, indicate:

    • required purchase/receipt/delivery addresses, depending on the purpose of the order;
    • courier tariff;
    • method of payment for the order;
    • what needs to be delivered.

    After confirming the order, an experienced and decent courier will undertake to do his job, and for some time your order will be safe and sound with you. SHARK Taxi employs professionals in their field, doing their job competently and carefully. Couriers are always in touch, which allows you to control the process if it is more convenient for you.

    Value your time with SHARK Taxi!