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Cargo taxi: relevant, convenient, cheap

Cargo taxi: relevant, convenient, cheap

Cargo transportation today is more relevant than ever, especially when it comes to the need to transport personal property, or vice versa — a more weighty large-sized commercial cargo. There can be a large variety of directions in which a cargo transportation service may be needed, depending on the type of activity of the customer and many other factors. On the eve of ordering such a service, several questions arise: “How to transport the goods?”, “Will it be safe?”, “How expensive will the service cost?”, “How qualified specialists will be involved in the implementation of the process?”, “Can you benefit from this?" etc.

Many people, hoping to receive quality service and careful handling of cargo, regardless of its characteristics, turn to logistics companies. However, their services are usually long and certainly expensive. Therefore, questions and doubts arise about whether it is possible to transport the goods faster and more economically. The answer to such a request, perhaps, was unknown to many until now, but an analogue of expensive transport companies is a cargo taxi, the services of which can be provided by the SHARK service.

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Why is the "Cargo Taxi" service so in demand?

If it is necessary to transport cargo, especially in real time, taxi "Cargo" will be an excellent opportunity to carry out this process. SHARK Taxi provides this service very profitably and extremely responsibly. The high demand and relevance of the "Cargo" tariff has earned due to the fact that it covers the main customer request — fast and safe transportation of property at an affordable price.

We ensure these factors by maintaining the level of loyal prices and the delivery algorithm, according to which, at the time of order confirmation, a truck is sent to you that corresponds to the description of your cargo, which is in the utmost proximity to you. So, the delivery is carried out as quickly as possible, and the time period of transportation directly depends on the driver. You shouldn't worry about this either, because the service representatives are experienced, responsible and well-versed in your city, which allows you to transport cargo safely and on time.

What does the "Cargo Taxi" service give you? If you contact our service, you get the opportunity to:

  • get rid of the need to look for a suitable car and carry out transportation on your own;
  • save time, as independent searches and implementation will take a long time;
  • to carry out transportation much more economically, and to save your own funds, thanks to the extremely favorable tariff;
  • to be sure that the transportation will take place safely for the cargo, since the work is done by professionals;
  • control the process personally, being in the car with your property.

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Features of ordering a taxi at the "Cargo" tariff

Choosing the SHARK Taxi service as a method of cargo transportation, you will not have any difficulties with placing an order. All you have to do is choose the option of calling a cargo taxi. For the convenience of its customers, the service has two communication channels - a mobile application and a contact phone number 3000. You can order a cargo taxi through the operator, or:

  • open the SHARK mobile application;
  • specify the address data for transportation;
  • select the “Cargo” tariff;
  • in a new window, indicate the features and characteristics of the cargo;
  • choose a payment method and confirm the order.

After these manipulations, within a few minutes, the truck will be served, our representatives will help with loading, and will offer you to comfortably accommodate in a comfortable car interior.

Cargo transportation can be safe, efficient and economical if you know who to contact for services. Choose SHARK Taxi professionals!

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