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7 alternative offers to outweigh your own car

7 alternative offers to outweigh your own car

It is obvious that not so long ago your own car was the only way to travel that could provide freedom, comfort, sufficient security, and mobility. But these days, with the advent of alternative modes of transportation and mobile resources, there are much more opportunities. Let's look at 7 main options for moving around the city, in which you do not need your own car, and therefore the global cost of buying it.

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Public transport

Along with innovations in the transport sector, it is worth paying attention to public transport. Since recently, buses and trolleybuses in any city can move freely within their own lane, and trams and metros are not hindered by anything. While you would be stuck in a traffic jam with your own car, you can get there faster with public transport today. Of course, in certain cases this argument does not work, however, there is another one — public transport is more accessible. Ideally, I would like to achieve the same comfort conditions as in a personal car, but there is another alternative in this regard.

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Taxi service

To combine the indicators of comfort and economy, you can use the services of a taxi. You just need to find a taxi service that will take into account your requests. A current example is the SHARK Taxi service, which offers not only classic passenger trips at low prices, but also additional transport services, while maintaining a high level of comfort and safety.

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Car rental

If you are still more suitable for the conditions that a personal car can give, then you can find an alternative that is the closest. You can rent a car for several hours, a day or for such a period of time that you need. Therefore, by renting a car only when necessary, you can save a lot of budget funds without losing the quality of your trip.

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Micromobility Services

The current wave that has also covered Ukraine is the rental of electric scooters and electric bicycles. You can choose this type of transport if you support the idea of ecology, speed and accessibility are important to you, and you make trips over short distances.

Carpooling or ridesharing

The ridesharing trend can make your life and personal car choices much easier. The point is that you may not need it if your relatives, friends or neighbors already have a car. One has only to determine whether you are on the way, and then you will not only be able to have a good time on the road, but will also rationally use passenger seats, save money and there will be one car less in the world, which will give it a calmer “breathe”.


Do not forget about the fact that you can travel short and sometimes long distances on foot. So you will not only save money, support the issue of ecology as much as possible, but you will also be able to spend time on a pleasant walk, and, perhaps, discover new interesting places.

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Combination of modes of transportation

The most common option, of course, was and remains a combination of different modes of transportation, where the choice will consist only of your desires and needs. If you don’t have a need to rush somewhere, then you can get there on a budget by public transport, scooter or on foot. If there is an urgent need for movement around the city, you can always order a taxi and get there in comfort.

Do not limit yourself to one choice, mobility is about universal possibilities!

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