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5 rules of travel for your pets

5 rules of travel for your pets

Obviously, not only people, but also their pets, need to often move within specific territories. There can be a lot of situations, and they are all very diverse: country trips, visiting a veterinarian, visiting a visit, moving to other cities, or simple everyday cases when a pet cannot be left alone at home. When you know that your furry friend will definitely go with you, consider the trip thoroughly.

Naturally, owners who have a private car cope with this task much easier and faster. In addition, in the salon of an already familiar car, pets feel much more familiar and calmer. It is a well-known fact that traveling long distances and changing locations for pets is unambiguous stress. Therefore, it is necessary to provide your pet with the most comfortable conditions. If you do not have your own car, then it is quite possible to use a taxi service.

However, regardless of the type of transport on which the trip will be made, there are several rules and recommendations that must be taken into account.

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Preparing to travel with your pet

We recommend that every pet owner pay attention to a number of rules that must be followed when planning a trip with a pet. Due to their strict observance, you will ensure a comfortable and calm ride not only for your pet, but also for yourself, including being sure that your furry friend is in a good mood. Consider the following:

  • The presence of a specialized transport carrier

Carriers are usually used for safe transportation of small breeds of dogs and cats in every sense. They limit the space for the movement of the animal in the cabin, however, they are very roomy and conveniently position the pet.

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  • Use of mats/rugs, muzzles, leashes

Obviously, carriers are not suitable for transporting large breeds of pets. Therefore, in order to protect them, yourself, as well as the driver and the process of his work (if we are talking about a taxi), use special mats to ensure comfort, and a muzzle with a leash for safety.

  • Using native cells

This rule applies especially to the transportation of birds and rodents — the cages in which they usually live are perfect for transportation.

  • Preparation of other breeds

Depending on the characteristics and needs of other breeds of animals, certain training is also carried out, precautions and comfort are taken, their personal belongings are used.

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  • Mandatory need

The most important and vital rule is to ensure free access to light, water and air for the animal. So, the pet will feel the most comfortable and calm.

Spend time with your pet with pleasure not only on walks, but also on trips — keep these 5 essential rules in mind, and your travels will always be at their best!

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