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The law on child seat

The law on child seat

The law on child seat

Most people think that you can just take with you in the car - and go with him on business or to visit.

However, it is not so: such is clearly regulated in the rules of the road.

According to the SDA, children under 12 years old and shorter than 145 cm may be transported only in a personal car or taxi from the child seat.

This chair is required to have certain parameters:

1) It must be designed specifically for the age group of the child to ensure its complete security and comfort of the trip;

2) The required hardware or using Isofix system or using a stationary belt;

3) Chair is obliged to insure the baby in the event of emergency braking.

Alas, today, when already in full romp city special children's taxi, in our legislation full of children's chairs of the bill is not in the developed world.

There are only vague definitions - and even the servants of the law often do not know whether the driver should be fine in a particular case.

However, the first step to this comfort and safety of transport of children placed. If you require the services of a taxi children, can without doubt cause Shark Taxi and indicate the appropriate order option.