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Make your trip safe abroad

Make your trip safe abroad

Order a taxi abroad: safety basics

Order a taxi abroad due to ignorance of local customs, mentality and language features can turn into a real adventure. It is not always pleasant.
What are the most frequent situation tell our compatriots who have visited abroad?

  • The taxi driver was drunk;
  • Taxi driver and definitely not credible;
  • Driver-scorcher, because of which tourists are almost involved in an accident;
  • Cases of extortion by a taxi driver;
  • Robbery and injury to the driver.
The saddest thing is that this could very well happen when you travel to your hometown. Forbes magazine even specially interviewed experts and asked for advice on the safe rules of order a taxi in the major cities.
We list them here.

How to safely order a taxi?

1) Pre-Order The peculiarities of the vehicle and tariff plans in force in this area.

2) Note that in some countries you may not be able to stop the car, simply by voting on the street. It is better to stock up in advance telephone local taxi services.

3) It is better to ask the hotel staff to call a taxi, where you left off.

4) Write down the address of the local language. This information will need to give the driver even before the car hit the road.

5) Be sure to carry a local currency payment for the trip in order to be able to pay for the trip without problems.

And most important: do not try to order a taxi in the evening or night.

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