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The problem of the century, or how to find a decent parking space

The problem of the century, or how to find a decent parking space

Obviously, any person who owns their own car will unconditionally tell you about the privileges and advantages of this type of transport. Indeed, a personal car means comfort, controlled speed and safety, a lot of transport options, etc. You just need to sit in a comfortable driver's seat, start your trip, and get anywhere in a short time. To work, on business or on vacation — a personal car will save you from long downtime in traffic jams and discomfort in public transport.

However, with the purchase of a car and as a bonus — all its pluses, one significant minus takes root with you — a parking space. This is a headache for every driver. In modern realities, probably every big city suffers from such a problem as the lack of an adequate number of available parking spaces. What can we say about megacities?

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Probably many drivers are familiar with the situation when, in an attempt not to be late for work, you do everything possible to get around traffic jams as much as possible, and as a result, you waste time looking for a parking space. But finding the right option for parking is another quest! You don't want to leave your car anywhere, so drivers are looking for an extremely safe, mostly guarded, well-lit, convenient and legal parking space, not for all the money in the world.

The task is really not an easy one, especially when it stands near the majority of your city, however, it can be solved, and even in several ways.

Approaches to finding the perfect parking space

The options for approaching the set process are different, so consider everything and choose the most optimal one for yourself.

  • "Who gets up early ..."

The least attractive, but still very effective solution for finding a parking space is getting up early and leaving early. Although you will have to sacrifice some of your sleep, luck will definitely reward you with a parking space close to your destination. So you don't have to circle, hopelessly hoping for a free seat, and walk from the car if you park too far — you can choose the perfect place, because at this time of day there are a lot of choices.

  • Preliminary preparation

If your destination is in a dynamic and densely populated area of the city, then you can safely count on the struggle for parking spaces. Therefore, within this method, we advise you to prepare a little. For example, using search engines and social networks, you can check the availability of paid and free parking, as well as free places, within the territory of your interest. You can also find out the parking rules in certain places to avoid unwanted parking tickets.

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  • Technical component

In the modern world, it is no longer surprising that most of the population uses various gadgets. It is convenient in many areas, and even in the issue of parking. There are many online applications, using which you can track the information you are interested in about the possibility of parking in a particular area of the city. Along with online maps, navigators, applications from gas stations, a parking application will also be an excellent assistant. Using it, you can easily find a suitable parking space.

  • SHARK Taxi passenger

No matter how convenient it is to use your own car, the parking situation leaves much to be desired, and it takes a lot of time to find a place. Therefore, in order not to waste your energy and precious time resources, use the SHARK taxi services. In this case, you will not have to puzzle over such a difficult problem — by ordering a taxi in a few clicks using a mobile application, you will quickly and without problems get to any point in your city.

Are you having transportation difficulties? Call SHARK Taxi!

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