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Organized transportation of household appliances — quickly and cheaply with SHARK

Organized transportation of household appliances — quickly and cheaply with SHARK

It is somehow difficult to imagine a modern house or apartment without home appliances. All sorts of gadgets and technology simplify our lives, leaving time for something more important and exciting. However, when it comes to transporting appliances, the situation becomes quite complicated. People usually plunge into a lot of thoughts about how exactly to organize the transportation of household appliances, and if there are fewer problems with small appliances, the large-sized ones just plunge them into a stupor.

But the whole process is complicated only at first glance. Just think through all the steps and properly pack your belongings, and let the transportation of equipment be in the hands of specialists from SHARK Taxi. All you need to do is order a cargo cab service in Odesa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih, Kropivnitsky, or any other city in Ukraine.

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Classification of equipment and a thorough approach

Transportation of household appliances really requires a lot of attention and care, starting from the moment of cargo preparation for transportation. At the very first stage, it is important to determine what equipment we are dealing with. Household appliance on their features is divided into large and small.

Large household appliances include:

  • refrigerators;
  • freezers;
  • dishwashers;
  • washing machines;
  • dryers, etc.

Small appliances, on the other hand, are characterized by the following types:

  • TV;
  • home theater;
  • music center;
  • computer equipment (system unit, monitor, as well as printer, scanner, game peripherals, and other add-ons);
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • microwave, bread maker, food processor, coffee machine, grill, multivar, and other kitchen appliances;
  • clothes dryer, and so on.

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The most "complicated" manipulations must be done with the refrigerator and freezer. This property shall be turned off 1-2 days before you move in, defrost it, and remove the ice. If your refrigerator is a no-frost system, it is sufficient to simply unplug it and wipe it with a damp cloth. Next, you need to remove all shelfs, containers and anything that might fall out in transit. The glass elements should be packed tightly in film, ideally bubble wrap. Supports of the fridge should be screwed in up to the base for the safety of transportation, check if the compressor is fixed. We recommend packing your refrigerator in thick cardboard or film. Make sure that the angle of inclination during loading is not more than 20-30 degrees. The SHARK "movers" are aware of this of course, but extra care would not hurt.

It is worth noting that with the washing machine is also a lot of trouble, but with the right approach, you can easily cope with this task. Act according to the plan:

  • Disconnect all hoses and make sure there is no water left inside.
  • Seal and tape all powder compartments tightly.
  • If there is a glass porthole, protect it with an extra layer of corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap.
  • Fasten the adjustable catches to the back of the machine so that the drum will not be damaged in transit.

Other small devices, besides high-quality, preferably factory, packing, do not need any critical preparation, but we advise you to twist all wires and fasten them with rope or wire for your own convenience. Ideally, the coiled wires can be taped to the equipment in question.

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Packing of household appliances

Obviously, the quality of packaging your appliances depends on how they will survive the move, whether they will remain intact and unscathed, and will continue to work properly. To protect your appliances, use cardboard and foam — the elements in which it was packed at purchase.

"What to do if I do not have the original packaging?" you ask. In this case, it is best to use for secure packaging:

  • stretch film;
  • bubble wrap;
  • duct tape;
  • Styrofoam in balloons;
  • soft plaids;
  • corrugated cardboard.

We do not need to remind you that you need to pack equipment, especially fragile ones, in several layers.

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Loading, securing, and transporting

If the packing was your responsibility, the loading stage is under the responsibility of SHARK specialists when placing the order specifying the number of loaders you will need. Of course, we do not leave you without the possibility of doing everything yourself, but it is obvious that you can hardly cope with a refrigerator or a washing machine by yourself.

Placement is as follows: large equipment — closer to the driver's cab, medium and small — in the middle and beyond. Each load is fixed by special straps.

When transporting at optimal speed — not more than 70 km/h, also take into account:

  • Compliance with the speed limit.
  • The choice of a good route with a quality road surface.
  • Periodic inspection of the condition of the property.

Transportation of household appliances with professionals

When you book shipping services from SHARK Taxi, you get confidence in the safe loading and transportation of goods within your city and beyond. Moreover, you can order the transportation of household appliances quickly and easily — by phone 3000 or via a mobile app. An important feature of the service — providing high-quality transportation services at loyal prices!

Trust professionals — transport your property quickly, reliably, and profitably with a "Cargo" tariff!

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