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Organization of equipment transportation for your company

Organization of equipment transportation for your company

It is best to entrust equipment transportation to professionals and specialists of SHARK transport company.

Developing or opening a new business, expanding production, relocating a business to a new location or ordering equipment privately is a complex process that requires special equipment.


Who needs equipment transportation and what for

Equipment delivery services include a variety of freight to transport and deliver products to wholesalers and individuals:

  • production machinery;
  • exhibition equipment;
  • equipment for fitness centers, spas;
  • devices for beauty salons;
  • medical equipment for government, commercial and private institutions;
  • high volume orders for online stores;
  • printing services and devices;
  • light industry;
  • woodworking equipment;
  • equipment for trade and construction.

Transportation of equipment is a labor-intensive and complicated process with its own peculiarities and rules:

  • Particularly large parts and oversized items require disassembly and reassembly for proper loading and packing.
  • Glass parts, as well as valuable and fragile items need to be packed and transported in special sealed containers attached to the body of the machine.
  • Moisture resistance and ventilation of the body during temperature fluctuations and adverse weather conditions.
  • Certificates, sales contracts, payment of duties, invoices and a complete cargo manifest are required to deliver and import the equipment into the country.
  • Rigging and special equipment for loading heavy equipment.

SHARK Taxi affordable and safe transportation of quality equipment by road (cargo cab) in Ukraine is one of the most profitable types of transport. Someone can argue that rail transport is cheaper, and to some extent this is true. However, it does not take into account that transportation of equipment or machinery to the station and back and unnecessary rigging will require additional services. Trucking at a comparable cost requires less cargo handling and is faster.


Transportation of equipment: the key stages of work

To deliver such a load, you need to think about every detail:

  • Determine size

Depending on the model, the length, width and height of the unit may be standard or oversized. Of course, if the equipment can be disassembled and transported, there's no problem. But some units require a one-piece shipment. If the cargo has the following parameters: length — more than 20 meters, width — more than 2.5 meters, height — more than 4 meters, you should make an advance research of the route.

  • Choose the means of transport for your equipment

In most cases, you can use a convenient low-rise platform or truck, which tonnage is chosen for a particular modification of the cargo.

  • Organize loading

Transporting and loading equipment requires the help of professionals. Loaders are not just a labor force, but experienced engineers who know how to move cargo through the narrow aisles of a factory, what equipment to use to lift it onto a platform, and what equipment provides a secure hold. Specialists know where to move equipment, how to determine the center of gravity and protect fragile parts.

Order equipment transportation with SHARK Taxi! If you choose the "Cargo" rate, equipment transportation can become much more profitable, faster and safer. We provide all the necessary special equipment, and in addition the service of experienced experts directly in the field.

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