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How to safely transport animals in a taxi

How to safely transport animals in a taxi
How to safely transport animals in a taxi

What if you urgently need to travel with your four-legged friend?

For example, if you want to bring the animal to a veterinary clinic - or simply to take a trip.

To visit passed without incident, it is strongly suggested to observe the following rules:

  • Transport of animals is carried out only in special baskets, containers having pallet solid;
  • Alternatively allowed to use the bag with rubberized bottom;
  • Transportation for dogs of medium and large breeds are possible only on a special litter and only with a leash and muzzled;
  • If you need to transport small size pet (chinchilla, rabbit, guinea pig, dog dwarf), you can pick him up.
Of course, you must comply with those rules and then, when you are driving your own car. However, much more convenient in this case to take a taxi.

And choose the best service that understands your needs and the need to treat loyal pet allowance: Shark Taxi.

So if you are looking for a taxi for dogs and their owners - welcome!

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