Application for ordering a taxi

The mobile application of the taxi Shark allows you to order a car at any time of the day in just a few touches.

Order a long-distance taxi from Kiev

The largest city of Ukraine — Kiev — is not only the heart of our country, but also the most important center of business and political life.

It is not surprising that companies that provide long-distance transfer services are getting bigger every year. More than 150 taxi services are ready to serve those who wish around the clock at very affordable rates. However, despite such a huge number of companies engaged in passenger transportation, ordering cars in most cases is still very inconvenient.

To begin with, you will have to search through your phone book or business card for the number you need, and then call the operator for a long time. But if you think that on this all your problems will end — this is not so. Often the dispatchers are rather poorly oriented in the streets of their hometown, and to explain where the car should be submitted it is necessary to «kill» not a single ten minutes.

Fortunately, you can avoid all these inconveniences by ordering a taxi to Shark.

Shark Taxi: affordable cost, instant order and high-speed delivery

Now you do not have to waste precious time. After all, the service Shark did incredible: now the call of the intercity car is made literally in a couple of tapes on the screen of a mobile phone.

Now to get anywhere in Kiev or make an intercity trip to any of the cities of Ukraine, it’s enough to download the branded mobile application from Shark Taxi.

Click on the application icon — and the program will determine where you are. And after you enter the address of the destination, the system will calculate the route and show the cost of the future trip. You just need to click on the confirmation button — and that’s all: one of the nearby drivers is already coming to you.

The perfect taxi for everyone

In addition to the inexpensive cost of services and the convenience of calling, there are many good reasons why choosing a taxi service Shark will be the best solution.

Turning to us, each customer is guaranteed to receive a car that fully meets his needs and financial capabilities.

Need an inexpensive transport economy class? Or are you used to traveling in a luxury presentable car? Choose what you need at the moment, you can in one tap.

Or maybe for an intercity transfer you need some additional services? Issue checks at the end of the trip, a special trunk on the roof, a child’s armchair and much more — you can adjust the choice of additional options in a couple of seconds.

Calling a car using the form on the site

And for those who for some reason can not use the smartphone, our website provides a simple and convenient form. It completely copies the functionality of the mobile application, so the process will take only a few seconds and two or three clicks.

The most affordable tariffs, 24-hour service, the most convenient (and almost instantaneous) way to call a car — what better way for those who know the price of time and take care of their money?

Therefore, if you want to go to an intercity trip across Ukraine with genuine comfort at an affordable price — choose Shark!

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