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Fair division of labor between Shark Taxi drivers

Fair division of labor between Shark Taxi drivers

We are continuously working to make the Shark Taxi application more comfortable to use.

The usual distribution of orders for auto-picking is outdated, so the optimal system «ROBOT» came to replace it.

This is a fundamentally new, unique algorithm that is designed to make the job even more convenient, and will allow drivers to get the most benefit with minimal time.

A special SMART server distributes orders instantly, extremely accurately and extremely justly.

How is the distribution of orders on the «Robot» system?
Now do not worry that a lucrative order will be intercepted by another driver who managed to press the button earlier.
If the Robot is included in the driver application, you can be sure: it will react much faster, giving you an order if you are ideally suited for its execution.

The distribution of orders for the ROBOT system is affected by:

  • Rating of the driver in the Shark Taxi system: the higher it is, the more often the driver will receive the most profitable orders.
  • Distance to the delivery address of the car: the closer the driver to the client, the higher the priority.
  • Vehicle class and condition: the algorithm takes into account the class of your car and its status (based on customer feedback, as well as the order fulfillment index). If you carefully watch your car, you will certainly get the best order.
  • Successful Order Statistics: The more you work with Shark Taxi, the higher you are appreciated as an experienced and professional driver.
  • Convenience of travel to the passenger: taking care of the driver, the Robot will only offer those orders that will not cause you any difficulties in terms of the road junction.
  • The presence of traffic jams: smart algorithm The robot takes into account the current traffic information, protects the driver from the time lost in traffic jams — and thus saves fuel and nerves.
  • Operating mode: The robot automatically raises the priority of the driver at a time when it is more convenient for him to work and in which he is most active.
  • As a result — more comfort for the driver, confidence that his services are valued, the most fair distribution of orders.
    Do you want to take all the advantages that the «Robot» brings?
    To do this, you need to find and click on the special indicator on the top screen (the second button on the left). If it turned green — Robot started to work.

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