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Information about the driver of the car to call

Information about the driver of the car to call

Information about the driver to call a taxi.

So, you put all the necessary criteria for the order. It remains only to choose a driver who today serve you. But who is selected if within a radius of several machines? This will help you information about the drivers that application issues immediately after the introduction of the travel data.

The name of the driver and his rating.

At Shark Taxi app can help you to see not only the name of the driver, but also how well it copes with orders. Just look at the number of stars. This - the rating left by customers to you. We recommend paying attention to it, causing a regular taxi.

Car class.

Due to vast fleet of vehicles taxi Shark, you can take a taxi as the economy and enjoy a solid representational cars. Due to output information, you can always accurately saw that order.

Order cost.

Through our proprietary applications, you can see the value of a future trip before ordering.

Simply indicate where you need to - and on the screen you will see the value.

By the way, do not forget that if you for some reason have decided to cancel the order, it can be done in one touch. Just press the button in the lower right corner of the screen.