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How to choose the right cargo taxi?

How to choose the right cargo taxi?

For many, it is already quite obvious that using a cargo taxi to transport personal property is a much more profitable, faster and more convenient solution than transporting goods through logistics companies (if we are not talking about bulky and oversized transportation). Calling a cargo taxi allows you to transport many different things in real time, and most importantly, to do it as economically as possible.

However, despite the fact that SHARK Taxi's "Cargo" service is quite in demand, many still doubt the choice, because they do not know how to choose the appropriate truck for their cargo. Well, let's take a closer look at this issue.

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Criteria for choosing a cargo taxi for transporting property

So, the main characteristics by which you can determine the compliance of your property with a specific service truck are dimensions, carrying capacity and volume. The SHARK Taxi service, in turn, provides a choice of three car options on which you can carry out cargo transportation and involve them in accompanying full-fledged transfers.

Your choice will be divided between:

  • cars with a small body (length 1.7 m, width 1 m, height 0.9 m; load capacity up to 500 kg; volume up to 1.6 m³);
  • machines with an average body (length 2.6 m, width 1.6 m, height 1.5 m; load capacity up to 1000 kg; volume up to 6 m³);
  • vehicles with a large body (length 4 m, width 1.9 m, height 2 m; load capacity up to 2000 kg; volume up to 15 m³).

Based on certain indicators, you can determine which car body will be suitable for your property, which will ensure safe transportation.

What can we transport? Our trucks can help transport:

  • personal items;
  • suitcases;
  • boxes;
  • household appliances;
  • furniture;
  • musical instruments;
  • building materials, etc.

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The cost of calling a taxi

Obviously, when ordering a cargo taxi, you want to understand how profitable it will cost you. Since SHARK Taxi is a service that provides similar services in many cities of Ukraine, we will compare the cost of the minimum order using the example of large cities:

  • Kiev — from 200 UAH;
  • Odessa — from 200 UAH;
  • Zaporozhye — from 180 UAH;
  • Dnipro — from 200 UAH;
  • Krivoy Rog — from 180 UAH;
  • Lviv — from 200 UAH;
  • Kharkiv — from 200 UAH.

You can see more prices for the service in other cities and for specific directions on the corresponding pages of the service website.

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How to order?

You can order a cargo taxi in your city quickly and easily: you can choose one of two available methods — place an order by contact phone number 3000, or online in the SHARK mobile application. If you are in doubt about your choice, you can consult a qualified service operator who will help arrange the transportation in accordance with the requirements.

If you are sure that you have chosen the right truck, you can safely place an order yourself:

  • Open the SHARK app.
  • Specify the exact address data for transportation.
  • Select the tariff "Cargo" from the list.
  • Describe the characteristics and features of the cargo.
  • Confirm the order and wait.

Cargo transportation is not as difficult and expensive as it might seem at first glance. For profitable and professional transportation of property, order SHARK Taxi!

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